Peter Stutchbury: Selected Projects

Peter Stutchbury: Selected Projects by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

As a leader of a new generation of Australian architects, Peter Stutchbury has expertly demonstrated an attuned knowledge of construction, the local environment and context. His catalogue of important work, presented chronologically here, shows the architect’s engagement with the landscape, and “observes how his vision of an ideal architecture has set the course for much that should follow.” What’s also captured in this book is the variety of his work, from harbour-side houses in Sydney to the Deepwater Woolshed near Wagga Wagga, with the Archery Pavilion for the Sydney Olympic Games thrown in somewhere in between. It is an exceptional body of work that impresses today but which will inspire tomorrow.

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Quack! What happened in Vegas

Quack! What happened in Vegas

A travelling exhibition about American architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown is augmented for its Melbourne appearance to examine the impact of their work on Australian architecture.

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