The New Asia Pacific House by Patrick Bingham-Hall

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A detail from the cover of <em>The New Asia Pacific House</em> by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

A detail from the cover of The New Asia Pacific House by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

The New Asia Pacific House by Patrick Bingham-Hall.

Whether it is the realities of global warming and over-population or the growing sense of self-awareness and global significance on a financial and cultural scale, the Asia Pacific region is responding with an emergence of imaginative house designs in a variety of contexts. Designs in the “Arc of Architecture” – an area that curves through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia –are all featured in this book, as well as essays detailing the region’s “histories, realities and possibilities.”

More than fifty homes are featured in the book, along with colour photography and formal drawings. These houses are inspired by and benefit from their tropical locations, with palm trees and water features common elements.

Patrick Bingham-Hall, Pesaro Publishing, 2010, pp 296, RRP $70.00

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