Women in architecture: Parlour Survey No. 1

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Women in architecture: Parlour Survey No. 1

  Image: Claire Humphries

Where are all the women of Australian architecture? The first survey from the Parlour collective wants to hear from you.

Parlour – the women, equity and architecture collective of activists and advocates – is calling for the women of Australian architecture to stand up and be counted.

Its first survey, launched at the Parlour Soiree in July 2012, is aiming to build a more nuanced picture of women in the profession than currently exists. “There are many more women active in Australian architecture than can be quantified using standard measures, but we don’t know who all these women are,” say the Parlour people. “Nor do we know that much about those who do turn up in the existing statistics. We take an expanded view of what constitutes architectural engagement and activity.”

Parlour is also interested in knowing about women abroad with backgrounds in Australian architecture, and about those who have ‘left’ architecture. Nine hundred women have already completed the survey since its launch, but more are wanted. Take the survey here

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