2012 Houses Awards: High Commendations

New House over 200m2

Seaview House (Vic) by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects.
Azuris (Qld) by Renato D’Ettorre Architects.
Cliff Face House (NSW) by Fergus Scott Architects and Peter Stutchbury Architecture.
Five Courts House (NSW) by Matthew Gribben Architecture.
Marimekko House (WA) by Ariane Prevost Architect.

New House under 200m2

Marrickville House 2 (NSW) by David Boyle Architect.
Parallel House (NSW) by Jon Jacka Architect.
Pirates Bay House (Vic) by O’Connor and Houle Architecture.

House Alteration and Addition over 200m2

Smith Residence (NSW) by David Boyle Architect.
Tusculum Street Residence (NSW) by Smart Design Studio.
House Reduction (Vic) by Make Architecture Studio.

House Alteration and Addition under 200m2

Skylight House (NSW) by Chenchow Little Architects.
House Kalafatas Challita (NSW) by Tribe Studio.

Apartment, Unit or Townhouse

Coogee Apartment (NSW) by Virginia Kerridge Architect.
Beaconsfield Parade (Vic) by Whiting Architects and Y10Store.com.


House With Tiles On It (NSW) by Welsh + Major.


Artist Car Park Studio (Vic) by Edwards Moore.


Heller Street Park and Residences (Vic) by Six Degrees Architects.
Jack & Jill House (Vic) by Breathe Architecture.

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