2013 Eat-Drink-Design Awards: Best Temporary Design

Best Temporary Design
Kitchen by Mike on Wheels by Koskela

Jury comment

At a time when takeaway food, pop-up diners and temporality are increasingly part of the gastronomic scene, Kitchen by Mike on Wheels takes the idea of mobility and performative kitchens a step further. This modern-day barrow evokes traditional markets and food transport, and at the same time, operates as the quintessential dining table, kitchen bench or cooking-class counter. With its clever incorporation of a kitchen garden, water, heat and culinary tools, this ingenious piece neatly encapsulates food culture from production to consumption. In its simple linear layout and exposed services, it operates as a wonderfully transparent demon-stration of all that is needed to create good food. The careful choice of raw, precious and technologically advanced materials, associations with place and attention to sustainable processes exemplify the best in contemporary ethical and sophisticated hospitality. All are resolved with a refreshing sense of whimsy and ease in this bold but understated peripatetic kitchen.

Design statement

The overarching concept for this mobile kitchen was for a refined rawness to reflect the style of food offered by Kitchen by Mike – honest, seasonal and without tricks. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a complexity or sophistication to what is served. With a tight budget, the designers wanted to create something that embodied the philosophy of the project’s main Rosebery site and, when out and about, would enable Kitchen by Mike to have some presence. Kitchen By Mike on Wheels needed to be self-contained – water is collected, there are portable gas burners and utensils hang on a copper pipe. All timber is plantation grown and finishes are water based. Solid, black-stained timber and exposed copper pipe reflect the materials used at the main Rosebery site. Carbon fibre aerospace wheels allow the mobile kitchen to be easily moved.

Kitchen by Mike on Wheels
1/85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery NSW 2018


Design practice
Rosebery, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Project Team
Russell Koskela
Site Details
Location 1/85 Dunning Avenue,  Rosebery,  Sydney,  NSW,  Australia
Project Details
Status Built
Category Interiors
Type Restaurants, Temporary



Published online: 12 Nov 2013
Images: Ashley Jones


Artichoke, December 2013

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