2013 National Architecture Awards: Small Project

Third Wave Kiosk by Tony Hobba Architects Small Project Architecture: National Commendation Australian Institute of Architects

Jury citation

The Third Wave Kiosk is a strong piece of beachside construction that recalls shipwrecks, forts, cliffs and ruins. The form can hold its own in the big landscape and shows how beachside facility architecture can make a tough, poetic contribution to the coastal landscape. On Victoria’s Torquay Beach, it is a tangible place marker at the nexus of pedestrian circulation, car parking and beach access. It emerges from the primary dune as a highly visible, layered relic, orienting beachgoers from the water’s edge.

The kiosk provides a minimal takeaway food function on a generous elevated lookout. It creates a great meeting place and surf-watching spot and is a strong identity marker. The kiosk is constructed from recycled sheet piles. They are used as structure, skin, seating, balustrade, permanent formwork and retaining wall. The use of a single material, with its robust detailing and inherent durability, gives a sense of appropriateness to place while appearing new and “always there” at the same time. Despite its unfinished condition and economic fitout, the major moves are strong enough to prove the power of the design.

Read the project review by Jennifer Calzini for Architecture Australia.


Design practice
Tony Hobba Architects
Vic, Australia
Project Team
Tony Hobba, Michael Lucas, Jordan Wright
Builder Philip Jessen
Building surveyor BSA Building Surveyors
Cost consultant Plan Cost
Electrical engineer Dick Twentyman and Associates
Hydraulic engineer Peter Tibballs and Associates
Project manager Rod Goring
Structural engineer Harrington Gumienik and Partners
Site details
Location The Esplanade,  Torquay,  Torquay,  Vic,  Australia
Number of stories 1
Site type Coastal
Category Commercial / public buildings
Type Bars and cafes
Project Details
Status Built



Published online: 7 Nov 2013
Words: National Architecture Awards Jury 2013
Images: Rory Gardiner


Architecture Australia, November 2013

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