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2015 Australian Interior Design Awards: Residential Decoration

2015 Australian Interior Design Awards Residential Decoration Kerferd by Whiting Architects

Jury Comment

The designers have effortlessly succeeded in what they set out to achieve with this “holiday house in the city.” This is an incredibly calm and balanced interior that doesn’t rely on hero or large signature elements. Instead, each element comes together to play its part in creating a layered home, reinforcing the bigger idea behind the home. There is a seamless integration of both the interior design and interior decoration of this project and it’s impossible to see where one starts and the other stops. The designer has had a clear vision for this house from conception and has relentlessly pursued this through to completion, drawing on all the tools of a designer to execute it. Within a deliberately restrained palette, the designer has employed rich textures of chunky wool and creased linens to reinforce the idea of “nesting” within the home. These are spaces where the decorative elements play as much importance as the designed elements. This house not only reflects the way this family lives, but also reflects the personality of the people who choose to call this home.

Design Statement

Whiting Architects aimed to infuse the relaxed “weekender” atmosphere into an urban family home. The interior plays on primal themes of comfort and nesting, with texture and warmth. The design team looked to resolve budget restrictions and conceptual frameworks in innovative ways. Vintage doors and repurposed elements were sourced, materials were re-used and the design was reworked to accommodate this. Every inch is dedicated and useful. Doors and corridors are eliminated. Views from unexpected areas allow light and connectivity without inhibiting privacy. The kitchen and dining areas are merged through a step-down at the dining table edge. Unexpected private seating nooks add diversity and allow separation when required. This is a practical and informal home. Furniture, decoration and artworks sit comfortably within its context.

The Award for Residential Design is supported by Smeg. The Australian Interior Design Awards are presented by the Design Institute of Australia, Diversified Communications Australia and Artichoke magazine. For more images of this project, see the Australian Interior Design Awards gallery.

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