2015 Dulux Colour Awards

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Lexus Design Pavilion by Mim Design.

Lexus Design Pavilion by Mim Design. Image: Sean Fennessy

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Polychrome by David Boyle Architect

Polychrome by David Boyle Architect Image: David Boyle

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Brompton Pavilion by Craig Tan Architects.

Brompton Pavilion by Craig Tan Architects. Image: Jaime Diaz-Berrio

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Koko Black Indooroopilly by Russell & George.

Koko Black Indooroopilly by Russell & George. Image: Scott Burrows

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Phamily Kitchen by Mathew van Kooy.

Phamily Kitchen by Mathew van Kooy. Image: Dan Aulsebrook

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Anglesea House 4 by Emma Mitchell.

Anglesea House 4 by Emma Mitchell. Image: Dianna Snape

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The Courtyard House by Aileen Sage Architects.

The Courtyard House by Aileen Sage Architects. Image: Tom Ferguson

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Otoparae by SPACE Architecture Studio.

Otoparae by SPACE Architecture Studio. Image: Jason Mann

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Concealing the Crisis by Amelyn Ng.

Concealing the Crisis by Amelyn Ng. Image: Amelyn Ng

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The 2015 Dulux Colour Awards were announced in 25 March in Melbourne. Themed “revealing the artist,” entrants showed an approach to paint usage that reference art and employed unique graphics. Colour was used throughout all elements of the projects submitted, but the most successful projects balanced the exuberant colour with a considered design approach.

The stand out winner was the Lexus Design Pavilion which took out the Grand Prix and a cash prize of $5,000. The other eight category winners were awarded $1,000 each.

The winners are:

Lexus Design Pavilion by Mim Design. Image:  Sean Fennessy

Grand Prix and Installation & Events

Lexus Design Pavilion (VIC) – Mim Design

Judges comment: A clear standout, this incredibly sophisticated fitout was a unanimous category winner. Rebalancing the harsh metallic of a Lexus car, the gentle palette helps visitors understand the softness within. The subtle ombre in Dulux Leek and Coral Atoll was used to great effect, providing a dimensional impact which flat colour alone couldn’t achieve. The sage green gives the illusion of a floating sea with the floral ceiling display a beautiful upside down ‘Monet’s Garden’. Truly angelic, the space would be lovely to enjoy a champagne trackside.

Polychrome by David Boyle Architect Image:  David Boyle

Multi Residential


Polychrome (NSW) – David Boyle Architect

Judges comment: A clever project which managed to juggle various elements and still present a wonderfully cohesive visual. It is reminiscent of a modernist painting and an interesting example that more is less. With red brick remaining in the space, the chosen palette of bright hues including Dulux Lilac Fluff, Hot Lips, High Blue, Vintage Green and many more, is a clever and playful decoy. The judges unanimously awarded this project for the creation of a fun and energetic facade.

Brompton Pavilion by Craig Tan Architects. Image:  Jaime Diaz-Berrio

Commercial Exterior


Brompton Pavilion (VIC) – Craig Tan Architects

Judges comment: The Brompton Pavilion created a dynamic display of colour within a sparse landscape. The 3D outer framing provided a sneak preview of vibrant colour. The structure balanced external, internal and in-between spaces through thoughtful use of colour. The palette combines both muted and bright shades highlighting the unusual structural aspects, including bright oranges and reds in Dulux Circus and Red Clown.


Stanmore Library (NSW) – MAKE Creative

Koko Black Indooroopilly by Russell & George. Image:  Scott Burrows

Commercial Interior Workplace & Retail


Koko Black Indooroopilly (QLD) – Russell & George

Judges comment: This fitout replaces the decadence associated with chocolate with clever colour combinations of Tuscan oranges, light blues and copper highlights in a fresh and contemporary palette, creating a welcoming and emotive space. It pushes the boundaries through its bold ceiling which features a sponged down effect on the walls creating an organic feel. Finished with a nice interplay between shadows and tone it was a well-deserved winner.


Wunderman/Bienalto – The Bold Collective

Phamily Kitchen by Mathew van Kooy. Image:  Dan Aulsebrook

Commercial Interior Public Spaces & Hospitality


Phamily Kitchen (VIC) – Mathew van Kooy

Judges comment: This project was awarded for its boldness and brilliance. A truly evocative fitout, the space transforms from a classic Victorian terrace to a vibrant Vietnam eatery achieved through colour and clever use of fluoro lights. Positioning the design artistically the architect was brave to commit to one colour, Dulux Santorini, at level and colour match all grounded elements creating a daring statement. The look was softened by the addition of Dulux Ice Vovo on the ceiling and Antique White on the upper walls.


Rockpool est. 1989 (NSW) – Grant Cheyne

St Augustine’s Kindergarten (NSW) – Wilson Architecture

Entrecotè (VIC) – Flack Studio

Anglesea House 4 by Emma Mitchell. Image:  Dianna Snape

Single Residential Exterior


Anglesea House 4 (VIC) – Emma Mitchell

Judges comment: With an empathy to traditional design and a known difficult structure to work with, Emma Mitchell has created an emboldened space. The design introduces contemporary links through daring colour. Using bright Dulux tones – Succulent and Peppermint Bar – it is balanced by the dark grey Dulux Cave Man, producing a design that is playful but with great honesty and broad appeal.


The Avenue (NSW) – Arent & Pyke

The Courtyard House by Aileen Sage Architects. Image:  Tom Ferguson

Single Residential Interior


The Courtyard House (NSW) – Aileen Sage Architects

Judges comment: The Courtyard House is an innovative design. Rather than using colour to delineate between zones, it cleverly uses colour in a thought provoking manner, using different combinations to mark your journey through the house. The considered use of colours, not only in the bold and various pops used throughout but also in the neutrals, beautifully highlight and complete a bright and playful palette.

Otoparae by SPACE Architecture Studio. Image:  Jason Mann



Otoparae (NZ) – SPACE Architecture Studio

Judges comment: Elegantly executed, Otaparae is a fine example of a contemporary approach to domestic environments. As a comfortable and relaxed space, colour has been used to heighten the experience and initiate a more intimate setting for entertaining.

Concealing the Crisis by Amelyn Ng. Image:  Amelyn Ng


Concealing the Crisis (VIC) – Amelyn Ng

Judges comment: Concealing the crisis cleverly utilises a traditional colour palette to convey a contemporary vision. A difficult and polarising brief which is translated into an interesting and harmonious proposal. The colour palette of Dulux Rodham, Red Stop, Orangeade, Black and Golden Marguerite was considered.


Out of the East – Tomoki Takei

Black Box White Cube – Kathleen Duffy

On the judging panel were: Andrea Wilson (ARM Architecture), Hannah Tribe (Tribe Studio Architects), David Bromley (contemporary artist), Sian MacPherson (EST magazine) and Alice Lines (Homestyle magazine, New Zealand). 

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