2015 National Architecture Awards: Public Commendation

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Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Conrad Gargett Lyons.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Conrad Gargett Lyons. Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Conrad Gargett Lyons
Public Architecture: National Commendation
Australian Institute of Architects

Jury Citation

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane is an outstanding response to a very complex project typology, made all the more difficult by its location, which had restricted access, a sloping site and an encumbered perimeter. The architects cleverly reframed that context by looking beyond the site boundaries. They reorganized the broader precinct in a way that benefited all the adjacent stakeholders.

At the same time, creative attention was paid to the hospital’s architectural cues for wayfinding and wellbeing. The internal atria are beautifully scaled to retain intimacy while providing reference points for orientation as well as opportunities for the integration of major artworks. Elevated landscaped terraces are integrated into the building’s complex envelope to create spectacular views of downtown Brisbane and breakout spaces for staff and patients. The jury found the ground plane to be especially well handled. The hospital is easy to approach, with a clear delineation of essential functional divisions related to emergency and general admission. The design invites the public to pass through and engage with the retail and hospitality facilities on offer in addition to medical services. For children, the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is a place of vibrant colour, lively activity and, in terms of fitout and furniture, fun. The result is an exemplary healthcare complex and a fully integrated urban contribution.

Read the project review by Leon van Schaik from Architecture Australia May/June 2015. 

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