2016 National Architecture Awards: Lachlan Macquarie Award for Heritage

The State Buildings by Architect: Kerry Hill Architects, heritage architect: Palassis Architects Heritage: Lachlan Macquarie Award Australian Institute of Architects

Jury citation

The State Buildings in Perth are an exemplar model of adaptive re-use. The former Government Offices designed by renowned government architects Richard Roach Jewell and George Temple-Poole have been strategically repurposed to accommodate a hotel and a range of food and retail premises, with the retention of the Treasury Offices and the original Postal Hall. Generous and thoughtful planning has allowed the preservation of much of the original building fabric. The original facade, roofs and a number of interior spaces have been very carefully restored, involving extensive research and significant expertise. New insertions are immediately legible yet complementary to the original fabric and complex access issues have been cleverly resolved through the introduction of a two-way lift to manage split levels. There is clear evidence of respect for the original architecture throughout the project and the sensible restraint shown throughout the interiors successfully integrates a variety of spaces with seamless continuity. The State Buildings are one of Perth’s most significant architectural landmarks and this exceptional project plays a successful role in reactivating Perth’s central heritage precinct.

Read the project review by Philip Vivian from Architecture Australia Sept/Oct 2016.


Kerry Hill Architects
Fremantle, WA, Australia
Project Team
Kerry Hill Architects: Kerry Hill, Simon Cundy, Patrick Kosky, Angelo Kriziotis, Terry Fripp, Se á n McGivern, Terry Galvin, Jasmine Bailey, Lena Lena, Rhys Bowring, Ryan Brown, Gaia Sebastiani, Fock Jee Tan, Christopher Shaw, Lucy Bothwell, Mann Giang, Jasmine Pummer, Gertjan Groen, Eva Baranyai, Nicholas Putrasia, Dean Adams, Lee Kheng Teoh, Levi Phillips, Alan Bajamundi, Ken Lim, Helena Nikola, Heloise Tremblay-Dube, Asher Galvin, Si Lam, Andrew Yang, Ben Braham, Belinda Stewart, Valeria La Pegna, Jacqueline Armstrong, Hassell: Peter Lee, Brenden Kelly, Peter Dean, Mitchell Allen, David Hunt, Justin Gurney, Brent Aitkenhead, Patrick Vereker, John Lipscombe, Mark Gibbons, Mark Jumeaux, Stewart Holroyd, Rebecca Stonehouse, Harry Monaghan, Thanhson Su, Palassis Architects: Kevin Palassis, Christopher Paterson, Lara Watson, Jordanna Palassis, Kathryn Exell, Rosie Douglas
Palassis Architects
Perth, WA, Australia
Acoustic engineer AECOM, Marshall Day Acoustics
Certifier John Massey Group
Construction manager Mirvac, Built
Development manager Mirvac, FJM Property
ESD and mechanical engineer AECOM, Wood & Grieve Engineers
Electrical engineer AECOM
Facade AECOM
Fire engineer Complete Fire Design, Strategic Fire Consulting
Hydraulics AECOM, Lehr Paul and Partners
Landscape Tierra Design, Hassell., Mirvac
Lighting AECOM, DJ Coalition, Best Consultants
Pool Commercial Aquatics Australia
Project manager Mirvac, Johnson Group WA
Public art consultants Form
Quantity surveyor Rider Levett Bucknall – Melbourne
Structural engineer Robert Bird Group, Wood & Grieve Engineers
Surveyor Giudice Surveys
Sustainability consultant AECOM, Wood & Grieve Engineers
Traffic engineers AECOM
Wind engineer Wintech
Site Details
Location Perth,  WA,  Australia
Site type Urban
Project Details
Status Built
Completion date 2015
Category Hospitality, Public / cultural
Type Adaptive re-use, Heritage, Hotels / accommodation


Kerry Hill Architects
Fremantle, WA, Australia
Project Team
Kerry Hill, Patrick Kosky, Simon Cundy, Dean Adams, Jacqueline Armstrong, Eva Baranyai, Rhys Bowring, Ryan Brown, Lee Kheng Teoh, Ken Lim, Martin Mulchrone, Michael Na, Helena Nikola, Levi Phillips, Kristian Van Schaik, Gaia Sebastiani, Anna Siefert, Tara Slade, Emily Sullivan, Cheng Ling Tan, Heloise Tremblay-Dube, Andre Yang
Acoustic engineer Marshall Day Acoustics
Artist Andrew Nicholls
Audiovisual CHW Consulting
Certifier John Massey Group
ESD/sustainability consultant Wood & Grieve Engineers
Electrical engineer Best Consultants
Facade engineer Aurecon
Fire engineer Complete Fire Design
Fire services Wood & Grieve Engineers
Hydraulics Lehr Paul and Partners
Landscape Tierra Design
Library consultant Arina Consulting
Lighting DJ Coalition, Best Consultants
Main contractor Doric Group
Mechanical engineer Wood & Grieve Engineers
Project manager Kooperman Project Management
Public art consultants Maggie Baxter
Quantity surveyor Davis Langdon, AECOM
Signage Block Branding
Structural and civil engineer Robert Bird Group
Site Details
Location Perth,  WA,  Australia
Site type Urban
Project Details
Status Built
Completion date 2015
Category Public / cultural
Type Heritage, Libraries



Published online: 3 Nov 2016
Words: National Architecture Awards Jury 2016
Images: Angus Martin


Architecture Australia, November 2016

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