2016 National Architecture Awards: Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing Award

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10 Wylde Street by SJB.

10 Wylde Street by SJB. Image: Brett Boardman

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10 Wylde Street by SJB.

10 Wylde Street by SJB. Image: Brett Boardman

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10 Wylde Street by SJB
Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing: National Award
Australian Institute of Architects

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When the client/developer laments “We shouldn’t have sold them off the plan,” you know the project has exceeded expectations. SJB has taken a very significant residential site in Sydney and executed a balanced, finely detailed building that not only satisfies the market but will also stand the test of time. With twenty-two apartments over seven levels, the building echoes the proportions of the one it replaces, and as such gives the feeling that this building has always been there. At ground level the scale shifts to relate to the street and entrance. Curved brickwork cradles the exposed concrete floor plates, creating an elegant yet confident backbone and base. Playful butterfly-like screens allow for cross-ventilation while screening bedrooms from neighbouring buildings. Naturally ventilated stairwells and robust materials point to a client clearly committed to a high-end result rather than a value-managed outcome. The planning of the apartments reveals the complexity of the project. Each floor plate is maximized and every apartment is saturated in solar access and enjoys one of Australia’s greatest views, down to Woolloomooloo and on towards Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Within the apartments, clever bifolding doors maximize spatial flow from one room to another. In opposition to the well-detailed exterior, ornate fixtures reference the grand residences of the area and draw from a rich architectural heritage.

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