2016 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award for Land Conservation

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Shipwreck Coast Master Plan by McGregor Coxall.

Shipwreck Coast Master Plan by McGregor Coxall. Image: McGregor Coxall

Shipwreck Coast Master Plan by McGregor Coxall
Land Conservation: Landscape Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Jury comment

Shipwreck Coast in south-western Victoria is recognized worldwide and attracts thousands of visitors annually. Yet these tourists unwittingly threaten the very existence of the landscape they are coming to see, and in turn pose a threat to the communities that survive on their presence.
In this masterplan, the landscape architects have worked collaboratively to explore strategies to manage and promote ecotourism along this iconic coastline, in a way that protects its fragile state. The result is an integrated and cohesive plan that tackles issues holistically, exploring sustainable management practices that balance the desire for perpetual visitation with conservation and habitat preservation. It also provides a framework for investment as funding allows, while providing tools for calculating net present values that demonstrate economic viability.

For more coverage see an interview with Adam Nitschke on the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan from Landscape Architecture Australia 145, February 2015.

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