2016 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award for Parks and Open Space

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McCulloch Avenue Boardwalk by Site Office.

McCulloch Avenue Boardwalk by Site Office. Image: Lisbeth Grosmann

McCulloch Avenue Boardwalk by Site Office
Parks and Open Space: Landscape Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Jury comment

Sometimes the best landscape architecture comes from apparent simplicity: let the natural environment do the shaping, disregard the urge to make a bold statement, leave a light footprint. The McCulloch Avenue Boardwalk achieves this with elegance. Created on a modest budget, the design accentuates the delicate topography of the site, while also containing the effects of heavy foot traffic. It cuts a path, but allows the landscape to dominate, the materials contributing to a sense of place and discovery. What could have been a simple boardwalk through a dune has become an experiential journey that rewards the user with a sense of pride and enjoyment.

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