2016 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award for Parks and Open Space

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Braithwaite Park Nature Play by Emerge Associates.

Braithwaite Park Nature Play by Emerge Associates. Image: Ross Wallace

Braithwaite Park Nature Play by Emerge Associates
Parks and Open Space: Landscape Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Jury comment

If you ask most people to draw a playground, they’ll start with a square box, add some swings and throw in a slide or two. But every now and then will come a project that throws the concept of playgrounds in the air and rethinks play from the ground up. Braithwaite Park is such a space. It works with the natural elements of the site – there are no defined borders and no standard combinations. Natural materials have been repurposed in a way that only the young at heart understand, with the plan allowing for individuals to determine how best to use the space. The result is an absorbing, natural space where you can have the best of fun.

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