2016 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award for Tourism

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Jetty to Jetty Trail by UDLA.

Jetty to Jetty Trail by UDLA. Image: Vanessa Margetts, UDLA

Jetty to Jetty Trail by UDLA and Nyamba Buru Yawuru
Tourism: Landscape Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Jury comment

Set in the country of the Yawuru people of Broome, the Jetty to Jetty Trail is a simple yet skilful economic development initiative that integrates cultural heritage, planning and tourism, the development of which shows great leadership and ingenuity.

Traditional trail elements guide visitors through thirteen sites in a relaxed and exploratory manner, which is true to Broome’s character. The accompanying smartphone app and book add a further dimension of learning, thereby extending the project’s reach to a broader audience. This project adroitly links research, community engagement and storytelling within a consumable and highly engaging tourism package.

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