2016 National Landscape Architecture Awards: Award for Urban Design

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Elizabeth Quay by ARM + TCL.

Elizabeth Quay by ARM + TCL. Image: Loft Productions

Elizabeth Quay by ARM + TCL
Urban Design: Landscape Architecture Award
Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Jury comment

In a bold gesture celebrating art, design and pure fun, Elizabeth Quay is fantasy made reality. In the heart of Perth’s waterfront, the project reconnects the city with the Swan River in a way that promotes exuberant public participation and engagement. The project is landscape theatre, combining natural elements such as water and trees with dazzling lighting and sculptural architecture. At the same time, the new mixed-use development ensures that waterfront activities are enriched by supporting built form and an activated ground plane. Integral to the design is recognition of its place, through botanically correct planting and opportunities for public artwork, while stormwater is effectively managed to provide irrigation and good environmental outcomes. Clearly design-led, this project brings out the best in landscape-driven urban design.

For more coverage see a review by Nigel Westbrook here.

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