2018 National Architecture Awards: National Award for Public Architecture

Optus Stadium by Hassell Cox HKS Public Architecture: National Award Australian Institute of Architects

Jury citation

Optus Stadium is the centrepiece of an integrated stadium park precinct. The precinct provides essential public transport, with two new train stations and a pedestrian bridge facilitating a direct connection to the city.

The legibility of arrival at the stadium is clearly defined by treatments in the stadium park landscape and other devices such as pergolas. This clarity of wayfinding continues inside, as views from the main concourse to the field are maintained around the entire stadium. The seating geometry is configured to optimize viewing, balancing the diverse and often conflicting aspects of spectator comfort against the solar and wind qualities sought on the field for the players.

The stadium structure is restrained and clearly efficient rather than overplayed and wasteful. There is an elegance in the formal restraint and this reads as an effort to use materials resourcefully, enabling the speed of delivery but also reducing life cycle costs. The fine-grain variegated screening on the stadium exterior reduces the visual impact of the building and reinforces the stadium’s desire to focus on the spectator experience rather than on itself.

Optus Stadium will be reviewed by Philip Vivian in a future issue of Architecture Australia.


Architect & interior designer
Hassell Cox HKS
Project Team
Peter Dean, Alastair Richardson (design architects), Matthew Batchelor, Brenden Kelly (project architects), Peter Lee, Patrick Vereker, Bradley Anderson, Toby Hitzman, Robert Hardie, Mark Ainsworth, Reuben Bourke, Phil Davies, Kaine Jenkins, Robin Deutschmann, Patrick O’Neill, Carl Tappin, Mark McKenna, Clare Dawson, Suzy Wright, Thanhson Su, Felicity Komorowski, Irene Payne, Greg Howlett, Chris Smiles, James Allison, Nigel Saull, Derek Tallon, Renae Prisov, Jonathan Chong, Vicky Vu, Hannah Beck, Carolyn James, Daryl Guido, Fathmath Evans, Luke Gay, Jeremy Graham, RJ Estacio, Paul Hyett, Filae Gil, Merlyn Santos, Jonathan Southgate, Partho Dutta, Stuart Harper (architectural team members), Narelle Corker, David Russell, Zoe King, Yvette Petit, Amanda York, Louise Buckingham, Natalie Grier (interiors team members), Anthony Brookfield, Sarah Gaikhorst, Hannah Galloway, Douglas Pott, Aysen Jenkins, Hannah Pannell, Nicholas Pearson, Jill Turpin (landscape team members)
Access and maintenance consultant Altura
Acoustic consultant Marshall Day
BCA consultant John Massey Group
Builder Multiplex
Catering consultant Mike Driscoll and Associates
Civil consultant BG&E
Electrical consultant Wood and Grieve
Engineer Wood and Grieve
Facade and roof lighting consultant Ramus Illumination
Fire engineer Wood and Grieve
Hydraulic consultant SPP Group
Landscape consultant Hassell
Public art consultants FORM
Security consultant Wood and Grieve
Structural and facade consultant Arup
Traffic engineer Arup
Waste management consultant Encycle
Wayfinding Buro North
Wind Engineering CCP
Site Details
Location Perth,  WA,  Australia
Site type Urban
Project Details
Status Built
Category Public / cultural
Type Sport
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