2018 National Architecture Awards: National Award for Sustainable Architecture

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Synergy by BVN.

Synergy by BVN. Image: John Gollings

Synergy by BVN
Sustainable Architecture: National Award
Australian Institute of Architects

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The Synergy project consolidates the CSIRO’s team from a collection of leased buildings across Canberra to the organization’s Black Mountain campus. Architecturally, the building derives its expression from the surrounding Australian landscape and the tectonic quality of the devices and technology used to create a naturally ventilated “mixed mode” workplace for the scientific community. The design strategy allowed the functional requirements of the workplace and laboratories to determine the interior architecture of the building and to influence the external form of the building. Sustainable initiatives were key to this concept.

The jury was impressed by the collaboration between the client, the architect and the consultant team, which led to two primary sustainability focuses – ventilation and daylight. Daylight is mediated through the external louvred sunscreen, while ventilation is controlled by an integrated system that draws air into the building via operable sashes on the facade and expels it through the atrium via two thermal chimneys.


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