2019 Houses Awards: New House over 200m2

Daylesford Longhouse by Partners Hill

Jury comment

Daylesford Longhouse by Partners Hill is an uplifting home that was generated by laterally thinking about a novel and challenging design brief. Although the project is more than 1000 square metres in size, the footprint of the living quarters is only a very small proportion of this space and the majority of the floor area is given over to a leafy, productive garden. The journey through the 110-metre-long shed takes you from the working farm to the cosy living quarters, with layers of mature trees, vines and other plants growing in all the spaces between.

Farm properties usually comprise a series of buildings dotted throughout the landscape, with all the various functions separated. Containing all three elements – a home, a commercial cooking school and a working farm building – within the one prefabricated shed structure cleverly removes the need for waterproofing the buildings within. The modular way that the Daylesford Longhouse is pieced together gives the impression that the shed might be extended in the future to contain more garden or accommodation spaces. This project is inventive in every way and would be a delight to inhabit.

The Award for New House over 200m2 is supported by PGH Bricks and Pavers.

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Partners Hill
Project Team
Timothy Hill (design director), Domenic Mesiti, Michael Hogg (architects), Andrew D'Occhio, Jonathan Chamberlain (graduate of architecture)
Builder Nick Andrew Construction
Engineer Tim Hall and Associates
Landscaping Partners Hill
Masonry consultant Elvis and Rose
Site details
Category Residential buildings
Project Details
Status Built
Completion date 2019



Published online: 26 Jul 2019
Words: Houses Awards Jury 2019
Images: Rory Gardiner


Houses, August 2019

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