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Updates on recent action around Australia’s schools of architecture.

Internationally honoured ‘Ballroom for the Devil’ Archigraph concept by UTasmania students Andrew Maynard and Stephen Mees.

The faculty’s Centre for Asian and Middle Eastern Architecture held its second summer symposium on cross-cultural thinking in architecture >> Lecturers Sam Ridgway and Sue Coldicutt are on leave and seriously ill >>Peter Scriber and Sam Akkor are taking study leave >> Not enough students were found to sustain a masters in urban design >> After wide travels, lecturer Stan Fung is working on his third Chinese gardens issue of the London journal Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes.

Professor Stephen Frith is alternating with Nino Belantonio as Head of the Department of Architecture, Construction Management and Economics. Belantonio will work on a new interior architecture program >>Andrew Metcalf is expected to join Alastair Swayn as the adjunct professors running final (5th) year, while Colin Stewart and Janet Thompson will run 4th >>Donald Dunbar is due to receive a doctorate for his thesis on 1920s flats in Sydney and Melbourne >> The department is setting up a full fees post grad school to open in 2000 >> Student exchange programs with schools in Finland and Paris are going well >> Dr Janis Berkland is guiding the design environment stream >> Two new lecturers in construction management are being appointed.

The school is attracting increasing numbers of overseas students, in both Perth and Asia, through its exchange agreement with the Limkokwing Institute in Kuala Lumpur. One third of total enrolments are overseas students >> School Head Professor Laurie Hegvold has scheduled 55 teaching visits to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong >> Six PhD scholarships are being funded by income from international activities >> Curtin continues to supply coursework and teachers to the unaccredited architecture program of Northern Territory University, which has just graduated its first batch of first-degree students >> Curtin is also introducing a B.IntArch degree.

With colleagues based in NZ, France and Britain, Professor Mark Burry has won a competition to design an artwork for Birmingham’s Hippodrome refurbishment. The scheme is a 30-metre wall clad with a membrane intended to undulate in response to either random stimuli within the building, or computer programming. Burry, who has a long-term commitment to the team completing Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona, also was visiting professor last year at the University of Kassel in Germany >> At press time, the school was seeking university approval to appoint three adjunct professors: Stephen Hodder (Manchester), Peter Yttrup (a Geelong engineer) and David Jagger (Liverpool) >> In an impressive five-month exhibition, students have been displaying built chunks of their designs, at heights up to 12 metres >> New lecturers are Dr Mirjana Lozanovska (design and theory), Dr Segun Faniron (structures and project management), and Dr John Rollo (design) >>Sandra Kaji-O’Grady has left for a position at U Melbourne >> As Head of School, Aspro Nick Beattie has approved a research-based masters degree to lead to registration after five and a half years. You’d do a three year Bachelor of Arts and Architecture, then an honours year, then an 18 months masters.

Despite an international search, UMelbourne still has not filled vacancies for two professors >> The Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning is being architecturally revamped with new aluminium cladding and a roof sculpture topping its 1960s brick and concrete building >> New staff: Leonie Sandercock (from RMIT) as Aspro of Urban Planning; Sandra Kaji-O’Grady (from Deakin) teaching design and theory; Dr Paul Walker (from Victoria in Wellington) as senior lecturer in history, theory and design; Jian Fei Zhu (from Tasmania), an expert in Chinese architecture >>Haig Beck is now a half-time adjunct professor, teaching design and editing UME and faculty publications >> Daniel Flood, a 1998 fourth-year, won an international competition to design a Pavilion of the 20th Century in Belgrade.

Dean Barrie Maitland has returned from globetrotting; we hope with another novel completed >>Rob Cowdroy enters his second year as Head of School, while previous Head Lindsay Johnston takes over former lecturer Caroline Pidcock’s initiatives to develop a centre for sustainable architecture >>Peter Stutchbury becomes a ‘conjoint’ professor (same as an adjunct, we’re told) and can combine teaching with site visits to his next round of buildings on the campus >> The design school has switched from fine arts to architecture and the Faculty is now called Architecture, Building & Design >>Phillip Pollard, the university’s chief architect for physical planning and estates, is shepherding a vigorous building program and transforming the bush campus into a sustainable ecosystem >>Paola Favaro and Bruce Yaxley, two visiting lecturers from the School of Architecture in Venice, are teaching again this year >> Former UTS Dean Geoff Caban is a conjoint professor in the design department >> New staff doctorates: Harry Margolit for modernism in Sydney; Michael Ostwald for complexity in architecture.

Head of Architecture Desley Luscombe is overseeing a new studio learning system based on small projects workshops for the early years >> Four new adjunct professors—Ken Maher, Louise Cox, engineer Richard Hough and Adam Chrysler—are joining Philip Cox >> Advertisements are out for a senior lecturer in cross-cultural studies >>Harry Seidler has been given an honorary doctorate >>UNSW is hosting the next international student conference— Flashpoint, July 11- 16—and the organisers say they’ve confirmed Co-op Himmelblau, Diller + Scofidio, Ken Yeang, Marie Christine Boyer and James Wines of SITE.

The school recently lost many of its students to full-fee places at UMelbourne. But Professor Nicodemus Charalambous believes overseas students can boost numbers >> The school has five full-time enrolments and 22 freelance lecturers >> The first two B.Arch graduates have found jobs.

Following Peter O’Gorman’s departure, Bud Brannigan is on board as a lecturer for design >>Doug Neale of Conrad & Gargett will teach about large projects >>Michael Doherty is introducing a new degree for designing computer environments, at the Ipswich campus >>Brit Andresen has an MIT gig to talk about Aalto >>What is Architecture? author Paul Shepheard, from the AA in London and the University of Texas, is arriving as visiting lecturer. His next book is Voluptuous Bronze, about men and machines >>Donovan Hill have designed an architecture/engineering laboratory as an addition to the architecture faculty building >> Lecturer Anthony Moulis delivered a paper at the recent Chandigarh conference to celebrate the 50th birthday of Corb’s Indian city >> Dean Michael Keniger is advising the government review of plans to expand the Queensland Cultural Centre.

The Faculty of Architecture, Interior and Industrial Design has moved into a new building designed by Bligh Voller (with a Tract courtyard) to replace the old D block >> Adjunct Professor Jennifer Taylor has returned from a scary trip to see the adobe dwellings of Yemen. The university is advertising for a history and theory lecturer to work with her >> Dean Gordon Holden has been appointed to a personal chair >>Peddle Thorp has been commissioned to refurbish the Chancellory building (aka The Kremlin), to include the new Tom Heath Gallery, named after the late professor and AA editor >> Bali institution Made Wijaya (Michael White) and Roger Stonehouse from Manchester are visiting professors this year >> Three single-semester lecturers have been appointed: Phillip Follent, Igea Trioni and Ian Mitchell >> After running the school’s first summer semester for design, Pedro Guedes is teaching at the University of Washington-St Louis >> Architecture shares with other schools two grants of $700,000 for a multi-disciplinary computer visualisation lab, replete with Silicon Graphics workstations. Sam Buculo is heading it >> Architecture co-ordinator Danny Nutter is expected to retire at the end of this year.

The RMIT Technology Estate at Bundoora is continuing to develop with student housing by Durbach Block; a multi-purpose building by Kerstin Thompson (to be constructed in increments to an intended kilometre); high-tech research pavilions by Sean Godsell and a Biomedical Health Sciences building by John Wardle with Eggleston Macdonald >>Peter Downton appears to be comfortably managing the School of Architecture & Design, with program directors Shane Murray (architecture), Andrea Mina (interior design), Peter Connolly (landscape) and David Lugton (industrial design) >> Lecturer Pia Ednie-Brown has a Telstra scholarship for her PhD in computer modelling. She is being replaced by Anna Nervegna and Joseph Brabet >> Professor Sand Helsel is working with David Bulpitt and an artist on the Korean War Memorial in Canberra >> Professor John Andrews is in London, producing a house/gallery for art patron Doris Saatchi >>Vivien Mitsogianni has renewed her contract to teach design and theory >>Richard Black and Martin Hook are writing a book on their technology course >> Among a dozen departures are Derhan Groves and Professor Leonie Sandercock, who have taken positions at UMelbourne >> Dean of the Constructed Environment, Leon van Schaik, has a full publishing program planned, including a book on eidetics. He is also hoping to finalise a southern hemisphere alliance between RMIT, the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and the Institute of Contemporary Architecture in Buenos Aires. And he continues to travel to supervise post-grad candidates in Sydney, Perth, London, Singapore, Malaysia, Tasmania and NZ.

The Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design has stabilised following the move to the new City West Campus in 1997 >>Chris Landorf remains Head of School and will be RAIA SA President this year >> Academic staff numbers are steady at 23 >>Antonia Bruns replaced Dr Julie Willis in January >> An offshore studio was held in Malaysia last year >> Stamford Court, six units of community housing designed and documented by David Morris, Angelina Russo and Nick Opie, has opened >> The Wheal Hughes Visitor Centre at Moonta has also been completed as a studio project designed by Tom Vinall and David Saunders and built by students supervised by David Morris and Nick Opie.

Peter Tonkin, Kerry and Lindsay Clare and Paul Pholeros have been offered places as senior design tutors with adjunct titles still to be decided >> Three adjunct professors, all “national leaders in architecture”, are to be announced soon >> Dean Gary Moore has placed advertisements for a new professor of architecture, a lecturer in history and theory and a senior lecturer in construction practice >> All architecture students now have computers and workstations >> New ‘open’ and ‘integrated’ studio systems have been introduced >>Peter Droege continues to run the urban design program as a half-time adjunct professor >> Former acting Dean Fergus Fricke has warned The Australian that “very drastic things” are required to solve a $1 million government funding cut, with staff resistance to full-fee students.

Engineer Peter Doe remains Head of the School of Architecture, now entirely based in Launceston, while the search continues for a professor of architecture to replace him >> Following the close of its Hobart offices, the school no longer offers a course in urban design. Its strengths are workshops where students learn to design and build small pavilions, computer design (led by senior lecturer John Hall with spectacular success in the international Graphisoft Prize contests) and sustainable design (informed by Richard Blythe). New staff include Helen Norrie,a former UQ teacher now full-time, and Greg Nolan, head of the timber research unit, as a .6 appointment >> A national summer school on timber design, with 40 students led by Ian Clayton, Gillian van der Schans and Robin Green, produced two new bus shelters for the university.

After his limit of eight years as Dean, Geoff Caban has retired. Educator Mark Tennant is acting and interviews have been held with two candidates—Marton Marosszeky (UNSW) and Peter Burgess (UAdelaide) for a permanent appointment. (A third candidate, UNSW’s Desley Luscombe, pulled out) >> NSW Government Architect Chris Johnson has been made an adjunct professor and is bringing in a team of Department of Public Works & Services staff (including design directors Lindsay and Kerry Clare and assistant GAs Peter Mould and Walter Koll ) to teach >> Practitioners with fractional teaching contracts include Tony Caro, Philip Thalis, Peter-John Cantrill,David Springer and Kirsten Orr >>Helen Lochhead has a contract to revise the 6th year program >> Dr Susan Best, co-ordinating theory, is hoping to run a high-level, invites-only, international Anyconference (for New York’s Anyone publishing group) in Sydney in 2000; perhaps with other local schools.

Professor Simon Anderson is in his last year as Head of the School of Architecture and Fine Arts, with deputy Patrick Beale likely to take over from 2000 >> With a large ARC grant, Professor Geoffrey London is researching Australian post-war housing with Melbourne scholars Philip Goad and Conrad Hamann >>Ralph Drexel and Des Smith are spending 1999 in private practice >> Professor John Dixon Hunt, from UPennsylvania, is visiting the school this year >> A review of the architecture course recommended more concentration on design, more cross-disciplinary teaching and increased differentiation between the first and second degrees.

A new facade by Suters for the Science Theatre at the University of New South Wales.



Published online: 1 Mar 1999


Architecture Australia, March 1999

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