2012 Houses Awards: Alteration & Addition over 200m2

Annandale House (NSW) by CO-AP

Jury comment

This house is a delightfully unexpected response to the Victorian terrace renovation brief that is typical in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne. The two-storey front portion of the house is retained and used as bedroom spaces, to which its traditional cellular plan is ideally suited. At the rear, a serpentine pavilion weaves through the site, slinking low to the ground with new floor levels that correspond to the natural topography, and which are barely perceptible to its adjoining neighbours. Pockets of “outdoors” impart breezes, light and sun into the living spaces, and infuse the interiors with garden views. The beautifully detailed addition creates a domestic realm that is open to the garden, yet wholly private. A restrained palette of colours and materials has been sensitively conceived, responding to the strong presence of the adjoining former piano factory brick wall on the northern site boundary. Most importantly, the project offers a strategic and appealing alternative to the rear-of-house terrace addition.

Award for House Alteration and Addition over 200m2 supported by Haymes.


Sydney, NSW, Australia
Project Team
Will Fung, Tina Engelen, Patrik Braun
Builder Owner
Engineer James Taylor and Associates
Landscaping Bates Landscape Services
Other Whipps Wood Consulting
Site Details
Location Sydney,  NSW,  Australia
Category Residential
Type New houses
Project Details
Status Built



Published online: 27 Jul 2012
Words: Houses Awards Jury 2012
Images: Ross Honeysett


Houses, August 2012

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