State Awards

And the winners are ... We present the outcomes of the Australian Institute of Architects State Awards in the lead-up to the National Awards to be held in Canberra on 28 October.

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 01 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

01 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

 02 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

02 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

 03 VIC Image: John Gollings

03 VIC Image: John Gollings

 04 VIC Image: Gray Barton

04 VIC Image: Gray Barton

 05 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

05 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

 06 VIC Image: John Gollings

06 VIC Image: John Gollings

 07 VIC Image: John Gollings

07 VIC Image: John Gollings

 08 VIC Image: Patrick Rodriguez

08 VIC Image: Patrick Rodriguez

 09 VIC Image: Earl Carter

09 VIC Image: Earl Carter

 10 VIC Image: Patrick Rodriguez

10 VIC Image: Patrick Rodriguez

 11 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

11 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

 12 VIC Image: Earl Carter

12 VIC Image: Earl Carter

The 2010 Victorian Chapter Awards has been a stimulating and challenging process as always.

This year saw more entries than ever before and all entrants are to be congratulated on their commitment to the awards program, a program that continues to support the advancement of ideas across the profession and provides an important opportunity for engagement with the broader community.

The commitment of the juries to consider all projects with thoroughness and respect has been impressive and has ensured that a broad range of architectural approaches have been recognized.

The winning projects are of outstanding quality and contribute significantly to the physical fabric and cultural life of Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 2010 awards and congratulations to all award winners.
Sally Draper (jury chair)

Victorian Architecture Medal —The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre by joint venture architects Woods Bagot and NHArchitecture 1.
Public – New William Wardell Award The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre by joint venture architects Woods Bagot and NHArchitecture 2. Awards (3)
—The Yardmasters Building by McBride Charles Ryan 3; Whitehorse Sportslink by Williams Ross Architects 4; North Melbourne Station by Cox Architects and Planners 5.
Public – Alterations and Additions Awards (3) Fitzroy High School by McBride Charles Ryan 6; RMIT University Building 9 Rooftop Extension by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 7; St Mary’s House of Welcome by Six Degrees Architects 8.
Commercial Sir Osborn McCutcheon Award —Port Phillip Estate by Wood Marsh 9. Awards (2)—The Royal Saxon Hotel by Six Degrees Architects 10; ANZ Centre by Hassell and Lend Lease Design, architects in collaboration 11.
Interior Marion Mahony Award ANZ Centre by Hassell and Lend Lease Design, architects in collaboration 12. Awards (2)—Westwyck Unit 4 by Multiplicity 13; Lyons Architecture Office by NMBW Architecture Studio 14.
Heritage John George Knight Award RMIT University Building 9 Rooftop Extension by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 15. Awards (2)—Newman College, University of Melbourne, Restoration of Mannix and Carr Wings by Andronas Conservation Architecture 16; SIGNAL by City of Melbourne 17. Urban Design Joseph Reed Award —Eastlink Freeway by Wood Marsh 18. Award —Deer Park Bypass by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 19.
Residential Architecture – Houses New Harold Desbrowe-Annear Award —Lyon Housemuseum by Lyons 20. Awards (2)—Henley Street by Jackson Clements Burrows 21; Brent Knoll by March Studio 22.
Residential Architecture – Multiple Best Overend Award —One East Melbourne by ARM 23. Awards (4)
—Yan Lane by Justin Mallia 24; Edgewater Apartments by Fender Katsalidis 25; Elwood Townhouses by McAllister Alcock Architects 26; 401 St Kilda Road by Elenberg Fraser 27.
Residential Architecture – Houses Alterations and Additions Awards (3)
—Elm & Willow House by Architects EAT 28; Anglesea House by Andrew Maynard Architects 29; Farfor Flats, Flat 1 & Flat 2, by Lovell Chen 30.
Small Projects Named Award for Small Project Architecture —Skipps Shade Structure by Grant Amon Architects and Nervegna Reed Architecture 31. Awards (4)—MoVida Next Door by Adam Dettrick Architect 32; Lulamae Pop-up Shop by Breathe Architecture 33; The Coop by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design 34; St Anthony’s Primary School Shelters by Robert Simeoni Architects 35.
Sustainable Named Award for Sustainable Architecture —Seven Seeds by Breathe Architecture 36. Award —The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre by joint venture architects Woods Bagot and NH Architecture 37.
Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture —Deer Park Bypass by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 38.
Melbourne Prize —The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre by joint venture architects Woods Bagot and NH Architecture 39.
Regional Prize —South West Institute of TAFE – Stage 3 by Lyons 40. 25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture —Infill housing program, 1982–85 by Victorian Ministry with architects: Gregory Burgess, Cocks Carmichael, Peter Crone, Norman Day, Edmond and Corrigan (pictured), Peter Elliott, Gunn Williams Fender, MMH Partnership, Leo De Jong (MOH), Richard Marendaz (MOH), Robert Pierce (MOH), Geoff Sargeant (MOH) 41.
Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media – National Award John Gollings: Eye for Architecture by Sally Ingleton; State Award Advertisements for Architecture 2009, by Tania Davidge and Christine Phillips: OpenHAUS.

Chair of Juries Sally Draper.
Public – New Peter Bickle (chair), Graham Brawn, Peter Crone.
Public – Alterations and Additions Stuart Harrison (chair), Meaghan Dwyer, Keith Streames.
Residential – New Reno Rizzo (chair), Fiona Dunin, Clinton Murray.
Residential – Alterations and Additions Tim O’Sullivan (chair), Michael Leeton, Julie Firkin.
Residential – Multiple Michael McKenna (chair), Paul Katsieris, Louise Wright.
Heritage Adrian FitzGerald, David Islip, Helen Lardner.
Commercial Chris Jones (chair), Barbara Bamford, Bob Sinclair.
Interior Stephen Javens (chair), Fiona Winzar, Andrew Maynard.
Urban Design Ian McDougall (chair), Simon Knott, Pru Sanderson.
Small Projects Tony Styant-Browne (chair), Jonathan Boucher, Rowan Opat.
Sustainable Clare Newton (chair), Chris Barnett, Stephen Staughton.
Melbourne Prize Vanessa Bird (chair), Peter Davidson, Michael Bellemo.
Regional Prize Jill Garner (chair), Michael Bouteloup, Geoff Crosby.
Colorbond Steel Award Ninotschka Titchkosky (chair), Martyn Hook, Albert Mo, Kirstie Mahaven.
Bates Smart Award Roger Poole (chair), Geoffrey London, Brenton Weisert.
Awards Task Force and 25 Year Award Alfred de Bruyne (chair), James Staughton, Tim Jackson, Shelley Penn, Sally Draper, Nigel Bertram.

 13 VIC Image: Emma Cross

13 VIC Image: Emma Cross

 14 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

14 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

 15 VIC Image: John Gollings

15 VIC Image: John Gollings

16 VIC Image: Jo Daniell

16 VIC Image: Jo Daniell

17 VIC Image: John Paul Tansey

17 VIC Image: John Paul Tansey

18 VIC Image: Heaven Pictures

18 VIC Image: Heaven Pictures

19 VIC Image: John Gollings

19 VIC Image: John Gollings

20 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

20 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

21 VIC Image: John Gollings

21 VIC Image: John Gollings

22 VIC Image: John Gollings

22 VIC Image: John Gollings

23 VIC Image: John Gollings

23 VIC Image: John Gollings

24 VIC Image: Emma Cross

24 VIC Image: Emma Cross

25 VIC Image: Tony Miller

25 VIC Image: Tony Miller

26 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

26 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

27 VIC Image: Peter Clarke

27 VIC Image: Peter Clarke

28 VIC Image: Earl Carter

28 VIC Image: Earl Carter

29 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

29 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

30 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

30 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

31 VIC Image: Sonia Mangiapane

31 VIC Image: Sonia Mangiapane

32 VIC Image: Derek Swalwell

32 VIC Image: Derek Swalwell

33 VIC Image: Andrew Wuttke

33 VIC Image: Andrew Wuttke

34 VIC Image: John Wheatley

34 VIC Image: John Wheatley

35 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

35 VIC Image: Trevor Mein

36 VIC Image: Andrew Wuttke

36 VIC Image: Andrew Wuttke

37 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

37 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

38 VIC Image: John Gollings

38 VIC Image: John Gollings

39 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

39 VIC Image: Peter Bennetts

40 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

40 VIC Image: Dianna Snape

41 VIC Image: John Gollings

41 VIC Image: John Gollings


01 QLD Image: Florian Groehn

01 QLD Image: Florian Groehn

02 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

02 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

03 QLD Image: Scott Burrows

03 QLD Image: Scott Burrows

04 QLD Image: Jon Linkins

04 QLD Image: Jon Linkins

05 QLD Image: Sam Thiess

05 QLD Image: Sam Thiess

06 QLD Image: Florian Groehn

06 QLD Image: Florian Groehn

07 QLD Image: Roger D'Souza

07 QLD Image: Roger D’Souza

This year’s entries ranged in location, from Birdsville in the west to Lady Elliott Island in the east, and from Port Douglas in the north to Byron Bay in the south. Budgets also varied widely – from $60,000 to $135 million. The successful projects exhibit a thoughtful sense of place, occasion and history, with many being the outcome of masterplanning, urban design and landscape considerations. Many regional entries were recognized at the state level, which is heartening, as is the high number of projects in the public architecture and urban design categories. This reflects both an increase in community-focused work by architects, and commitment by councils, governments and other organizations to engaging architects to achieve their public programs.
Bud Brannigan (awards director)

Public FDG Stanley Award—Ipswich Justice Precinct by Cox Rayner Architects with ABM Architects 1. Awards (3)Lilley Centre by Wilson Architects 2; University of Queensland Rural Clinical School by Arkhefield 3; Barcaldine Tree of Knowledge Memorial by Brian Hooper Architect and m3architecture architects in association 4. Commendations (5)Noosa Visitor Centre by Bark Design; Mackay Entertainment + Convention Centre by Cox Rayner Architects; Holland Park Police Station by Riddel Architecture in association with Project Services; Peregian Beach Community House by Sparks Architects; Mulwith – Loreto College by Fairweather Proberts Architects.Commercial Beatrice Hutton Award—Santos Place by Donovan Hill 5.
Commendations (3)Mount Sheridan Medical Practice by Fisher Buttrose Architects; Building Complex – Patrick’s Berth 10 AutoStrad Terminal, Port of Brisbane by Fiala Ooi Architects; Marina Point by Cox Rayner Architects with CA Architects.
Interior G. H. M. Addison Award—Ipswich Justice Precinct by Cox Rayner Architects with ABM Architects (ABM Cox Rayner) 6. Commendations (2)The Lilley Centre by Wilson Architects; Social and Behavioural Sciences Student Learning Centre by Design Nest. Urban Design Karl Langer Award—Kurilpa Bridge Cox Rayner Architects with Arup 7. Award—TrackStar Alliance – Robina to Varsity Lakes Rail Extension – Varsity Lakes Station, by Hassell 8. Commendations (4)Townsville North Railway Yards by Fairweather Proberts Architects; Southbank Institute of Technology by Cox Rayner Architects; Marina Point + Esplanade by Cox Rayner Architects with CA Architects + Tract Consultants; Broadwater Parklands by White Architecture and Aecom (Design + Planning).
Heritage Don Roderick Award—Old Government House Conservation and Adaptation by Conrad Gargett Architecture 9. Award—Former West’s Furniture Showroom by Riddel Architecture 10. Commendations (2) Tustin Windmill Reconstruction by Project Services and Russell Hall Architects; Jimbour House North Verandah Project by John Walsh Architects.
Residential Architecture – HousesRobin Dods Award—Z House by Donovan Hill 11. Awards (3)
Steendyk home+studio by Steendyk 12; Horseshoe Bay House by Troppo Architects (Qld) 13; Stonehawke by Base Architecture 14. Commendations (3)Tuckeroo Residence by Paul Uhlmann Architects; Point Perry Beach House by Owen and Vokes; Bulimba Boathouse by Owen and Vokes.Residential Architecture – Multiple Job & Froud Award—Seaspray Resort and Spa by Donovan Hill 15. Commendations (4)Eden – SW1 by JMA Architects Qld; Lanai by BVN Architecture; Aquila Apartments by Plazibat & Jemmott Architects; The Ivy by BVN Architecture.Small Project Hayes & Scott Award—Balmoral Residence by Kieron Gait Architects 16. Commendation—Garage Cafe by Arkhefield.
Sustainable Architecture Harry S. Marks Award—Willawong Bus Depot by City Design 17. Award—Peregian Beach Community House by Sparks Architects 18. Commendation—Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort – Hybrid Solar Power Station by Peddle Thorp Architects.
Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture—Tyto Wetlands by Troppo Architects (Qld) 19. Commendations (2)Building Complex – Patrick’s Berth 10 AutoStrad Terminal, Port of Brisbane by Fiala Ooi Architects; Horseshoe Bay House by Troppo Architects (Qld).
Art and Architecture Prize—Ipswich Justice Precinct by Cox Rayner Architects with ABM Architects 20.
25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture —QPAC by Robin Gibson & Partners 21.

Bud Brannigan (awards jury director), Malcolm Middleton (awards jury deputy director), Mick Hellen,
Lindy Johnson.

08 QLD Image: Jon Linkins 

08 QLD Image: Jon Linkins 

09 QLD Image: Graham Phillip

09 QLD Image: Graham Phillip

10 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

10 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

11 QLD Image: Sam Thiess

11 QLD Image: Sam Thiess

12 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

12 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

13 QLD Image: Hannah Storronning

13 QLD Image: Hannah Storronning

14 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

14 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

15 QLD Image: John Casey

15 QLD Image: John Casey

16 QLD Image: Scott Burrows

16 QLD Image: Scott Burrows

17 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

17 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

18 QLD Image: Dan Sparks

18 QLD Image: Dan Sparks

19 QLD Image: Avar Studio

19 QLD Image: Avar Studio

20 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

20 QLD Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

21 QLD Image: Richard Stringer

21 QLD Image: Richard Stringer


01 TAS Image: Brett Boardman

01 TAS Image: Brett Boardman

02 TAS Image: Jonathan Wherrett

02 TAS Image: Jonathan Wherrett

03 TAS Image: Patrick Rodriguez

03 TAS Image: Patrick Rodriguez

04 TAS Image: Rob Burnett

04 TAS Image: Rob Burnett

05 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

05 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

 The most pleasing aspect of this year’s awards was the number of public buildings entered. This is significant for a small state and is perhaps a sign that the government’s economic stimulus package has been well spent in Tasmania. There were surprisingly few residential projects. Each stage of the awards process reveals more information about the entries, often simply confirming what we had originally thought, but in a few instances the architect’s presentation and in particular the visits elevated projects from good to exceptional. This is where the reward of architectural experience far exceeds photographic perceptions. The awarded projects display great skill, imagination and passion from the architects, while their clients’ trust has been rewarded with buildings of significant merit, reflecting the healthy state of architecture in Tasmania.
Ian Moore (jury chair)

Public Alan C Walker Award—Makers’ Workshop by Terroir 1. Awards (2)—Fahan Gymnasium and Performing Arts Centre by JAWS Architects 2; UTAS School of Furniture Design by Six Degrees and Sustainable Built Environments, architects in collaboration 3.
Commercial Awards (2)—J Boag & Son New Brew House by Birrelli 4; Transend Primary Store by HBV Architects 5.
Urban Design No award.
Interior No award.
Heritage Roy Sharrington Smith Award—Strangio House by Maria Gigney Architects 6.
Residential – Houses Esmond Dorney Award—Trial Bay House by HBV Architects 7.
Sustainable Award—UTAS School of Furniture Design by Six Degrees and Sustainable Built Environments, architects in collaboration 8. Commendation—J Boag & Son New Brew House by Birrelli.
Small Project Award—Strangio House by Maria Gigney Architects 9.
Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture—Transend Primary Store by HBV Architects 10.
25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture—Supreme Court Complex, Hobart, by Department of Public Works/Peter Partridge 11.
Emerging Architect Prize—Todd Henderson.
John Lee Archer Triennial Prize—Dominic College Chapel by DesignInc Tasmania.
President’s Prize—Robert Morris-Nunn.
SWT Blythe Student Prize—Sub/urban dwelling by Chloë Comino.

Ian Moore (chair), Rachel Hurst, Sean Kelly, Tony Purse, Peter Walker.

Triennial Prize Jonathan Pyefinch, Craig Rosevear, Bevan Rees.
Emerging Architect Prize
Richard Crawford (chair), Brian Collins, Hugh Maguire.
SWT Blythe Student Prize
Yvette Breytenbach (chair), Peter Booth, James Wilson.

06 TAS Image: Matthew Newton

06 TAS Image: Matthew Newton

07 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

07 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

08 TAS Image: Patrick Rodriguez

08 TAS Image: Patrick Rodriguez

09 TAS Image: Matthew Newton

09 TAS Image: Matthew Newton

10 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

10 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

11 TAS Image: Leigh Woolley

11 TAS Image: Leigh Woolley


01 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

01 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

02 SA Image: David Sievers

02 SA Image: David Sievers

03 SA Image: David Sievers

03 SA Image: David Sievers

04 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

04 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

05 SA Image: David Sievers

05 SA Image: David Sievers

06 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

06 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

 With eighty-one submissions this year, it appears that the GFC has had little or no impact on the projects already committed or on the quality of work being delivered by South Australian architects. Once again interstate architects have returned to South Australia to collect a share of awards – of the twenty-eight awards presented, four went to interstate architects. But the standout practices – Hassell and Phillips/Pilkington Architects – are Adelaide-based. Hassell received five awards in total, with four different awards being for the same project – the Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct. Phillips/Pilkington Architects received four awards in total, two in their own right and two in association with H2o architects.
Andrew Vorrasi (jury chair)

Public Jack McConnell Award—Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct by Hassell 1. Award—Seymour College Performing Arts Centre by Phillips/Pilkington Architects 2. Commendation—Adelaide Zoo Giant Panda Exhibit by Hassell.
Commercial Keith Neighbour Award—University of Adelaide Plant Accelerator by H2o Architects and Phillips/Pilkington Architects 3. Commendation—195 Melbourne Street by Tridente Architects.Interior Robert Dickson Award—Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct by Hassell 4. Award—Seymour College Performing Arts Centre by Phillips/ Pilkington Architects 5.
Commendations (2)—Mount Gambier Library, City of Mount Gambier, by Brown Falconer; University College London by Swanbury Penglase Architects.
Sustainable Awards (2)—Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct by Hassell 6; UniSA Mawson Institute Building V by Guida Moseley Brown Architects and Russell & Yelland Architects in association 7. Commendation—University of Adelaide Plant Accelerator by H2o Architects and Phillips/Pilkington Architects.
Heritage David Saunders Award—Conservation of Former Beresford Arms Hotel by Flightpath Architects 8.
Residential – Houses John S. Chappell Award—Glen Osmond Residence by Swanbury Penglase 9. Awards (2) —Port Elliot Whale of a Beach House by Troppo Architects 10; Toorak Gardens residence by Chris Dimond Architect 11. Commendations (3)— Residence C by Architects Ink; Wayville Residence by Con Bastiras Architect; The House That Tom & Vic Built by Williams Burton Architecture & Interior Design.
Residential – Multiple Newell Platten Award—Affordable Housing Mansfield Park for James Brown Memorial Trust by Flightpath Architects 12. Commendation—Cairns Street Adelaide by Tectvs.
Urban Design Award—Adelaide Zoo Entrance Precinct by Hassell 13. Small Project Commendations (2)—Dave and Robyn’s Sideways Verandah by Troppo Architects SA; Louise’s Kitchen by Roarkus Moss Architects. Collaborative Design Commendation —Mount Gambier Library, City of Mount Gambier, by Brown Falconer.
 Archicentre Renovation Award—Leabrook House by Noxon Giffen 14.
Adelaide City Council’s Adelaide Prize—River Torrens Bridge by Oxigen 15.
BlueScope Steel Colorbond Winner—Pied a Terre for Loose Living at Glen Osmond by Troppo Architects 16.
Sir James Irwin President’s Medal— Nick Tridente.

Public Rachel Hurst, David Ey, Sean Humphries, Greg Mackie.
Residential – Houses and Multiple Mario Dreosti, Nigel Miller, Rodney Barrington, Mark Robinson.
Commercial and Sustainable
Gavin Kain, Brent Blanks, Julian Rutt, Cameron Hockey.
Interior and Collaborative
Damian Madigan, Enzo Caroscio, Scott Colegate, Jodie Pitcher.
Heritage, Urban Design, Small Project Michael Queale, Nick Tridente, Jason Schulz, Amanda Ward.
Archicentre Eddie Lukac, Helen Vaughan, Lothar Brasse, Mark Orel.
Adelaide Prize David Gilbert, Sandy Wilkinson, Mark Separovic, Neroli Hutchinson, Alison Radford.

07 SA Image: John Gollings 

07 SA Image: John Gollings 

08 SA Image: Denys Finney

08 SA Image: Denys Finney

09 SA Image: David Russell

09 SA Image: David Russell

10 SA Image: Jamie Gill

10 SA Image: Jamie Gill

11 SA Image: Brad Griffin

11 SA Image: Brad Griffin

12 SA Image: Denys Finney

12 SA Image: Denys Finney

13 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

13 SA Image: Peter Bennetts

14 SA Image: Sam Noonan

14 SA Image: Sam Noonan

15 SA Image: Sam Noonan

15 SA Image: Sam Noonan

16 SA Image: Michael Cullen

16 SA Image: Michael Cullen


01 ACT Image: Tim Thomas

01 ACT Image: Tim Thomas

02 ACT Image: Brett Boardman

02 ACT Image: Brett Boardman

03 ACT Image: Ben Wrigley

03 ACT Image: Ben Wrigley

04 ACT Image: John Gollings

04 ACT Image: John Gollings

05 ACT Image: Brett Boardman

05 ACT Image: Brett Boardman

 Despite economic gloom, 2010 saw thirty-three ACT projects entered, across a range of project types, scales and program complexities. This year the jury has recognized a number of smaller projects that successfully investigate achievable solutions for living in a more sustainable, albeit simpler way. One project demonstrates the possibilities of economical but comfortable living in thirty-five square metres in an underused car park corner. Another carefully enhances the inherent good design of a small 1960s house, making a compact but wonderful family home. Both these projects stand out. When everything else is telling us to up-size, these projects demonstrate a sustainable approach to consumption and produce spaces  that will be rewarding for life.
Finally, I would like to thank my fellow jurors for their depth of judgment and their diligent but good-natured carriage of duties.
Bruce Townsend (jury chair)

Canberra Medallion—H House by Nino Bellantonio, AiL Studio and Joanna Nelson Architect 1. Public Romaldo Giurgola Award—Botswana High Commission by Guida Moseley Brown Architects 2. Commendation—Glebe Park Stage by Philip Leeson Architects.
Commercial John Andrews Award—16 Marcus Clarke Street by HBO+EMTB 3.Interior W. Hayward Morris Award—Attorney-General’s Department Workplace by BVN Architecture 4.
Commendations (2)Kingston Library by BVN Architecture; Maxim Chartered Accountants by Architects Ring and Associates.
Heritage Commendation—Australian Plant Phenomics Facility – High Resolution Centre by S2F.Residential Houses Malcom Moir and Heather Sutherland Award—Broulee Shack by Nathan Gibson Judd Architect 5. Awards (2)The Carpark House by Collins Caddaye Architects 6; Rae-Reus Smit House by Arquitectura 7. Commendation—Kaleys Residence by Narendra M. Kaley Architect.
Small Project Award—H House by Nino Bellantonio, AiL Studio and Joanna Nelson Architect 8. Commendation—Hughes Residence by Phillips and Associates Architects.Sustainable Architecture Commendation—Lake George House by Strine Design.Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture 25 Brindabella Circuit and 01 Molonglo Drive by Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn 9.Light in Architecture Prize—Rae-Reus Smit Residence by Arquitectura 10.
Art in Architecture Award—Botswana High Commission by Guida Moseley Brown Architects 11.
Archicentre Mervyn Willoughby-Thomas Renovation Award—Hughes/Parris House by Candida Griffiths of Grounds & Griffiths Architecture & Landscaping & Planning 12. Commendation—Fox Deck by Denis Formiatti of Formi Building Creators. 25 Year Award—Belconnen Public Library, Belconnen Town Centre, by Robin Gibson and Partners 13.

Bruce Townsend (chair), Erik Innes, Obelia Tait, Katharine Campbell, Gerard Reinmuth, Gay Williamson.
Archicentre Angus Kell, Genevieve Jacobs, Andrew Verri.
25 Year Award Graeme Trickett, Rachel Jackson, Ron Edgar.

06 ACT Image: Stefan Postles 

06 ACT Image: Stefan Postles 


07 ACT Image: Pedro Geleris

07 ACT Image: Pedro Geleris

08 ACT Image: Tim Thomas

08 ACT Image: Tim Thomas

09 ACT Image: John Gollings

09 ACT Image: John Gollings

10 ACT Image: Pedro Geleris

10 ACT Image: Pedro Geleris

11 ACT Image: John Gollings

11 ACT Image: John Gollings

12 ACT Image: Candida Griffiths & Graham Hughes

12 ACT Image: Candida Griffiths & Graham Hughes

13 ACT Image: Archive

13 ACT Image: Archive


01 NSW Image: Simon Wood

01 NSW Image: Simon Wood

02 NSW Image: John Gollings

02 NSW Image: John Gollings

03 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

03 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

04 NSW Image: Florian Groehn

04 NSW Image: Florian Groehn

05 NSW Image: John Gollings

05 NSW Image: John Gollings

06 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

06 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

07 NSW Image: Anthony Browell

07 NSW Image: Anthony Browell

08 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

08 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

 With ESD now an integral part of architecture, the strongest theme this year was projects that responded strongly and intelligently to site conditions. This especially explains the strength, innovation and diversity of single houses – best expressed in the Neeson Murcutt Whale Beach House. Tectonic and unconventional forms coupled with uncovered materials left to gracefully weather figured strongly, with exceptional expression in Candalepas Associates’ All Saints Primary School, James Stockwell’s Snowy Mountains House, and Collins and Turner’s Two Beach Houses at Boomerang Beach. These, and the other award-winning projects, set the standard for future achievement and demonstrate a way forward.
Sam Marshall (jury chair)

Public Sulman Award—Epping to Chatswood Rail Link, Intermediate Stations, by Hassell 1. Award—Surry Hills Library and Community Centre by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp 2. Commendation—Glasshouse: Arts, Conference and Entertainment Centre by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer.
Urban Design Lloyd Rees Award—Paddington Reservoir Gardens by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer with JMD Design and City of Sydney 3. Awards (2)—Pirrama Park, Pyrmont, by Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects/Aspect Studios/CAB 4; Redfern Park and Oval by BVN Architecture 5. Commendation—The Village Balgowlah by Allen Jack + Cottier.
Heritage Greenway Award—Paddington Reservoir Gardens by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer with JMD  Design and the City of Sydney 6. Commendations (3)—Queen Victoria Building Refurbishment by Ancher Mortlock & Woolley; ANZAC Memorial by Government Architect’s Office; Sydney Town Hall historic interiors and essential services upgrade by Tanner Architects. Commercial Sir Arthur G Stephenson Award—5–9 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross, by Durbach Block Architects 7. Award—Audi Lighthouse by Johnson Pilton Walker and Allmann Sattler Wappner Architects in collaboration 8. Commendations (3) —Lifestyle Working by Nettleton Tribe; Australian Film Television & Radio School by Cox Richardson; Kane Constructions HQ: The Old Tannery School by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer with Linley Hindmarsh.
Interior John Verge Award—Surry Hills Library and Community Centre by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp 9. Award—Challenger Workplace by BVN Architecture 10. Commendations (3)—Grosvenor Place Corporate Entry by Harry Seidler & Associates; 66 Hunter Street, Sydney, by Bates Smart; Audi Lighthouse by Johnson Pilton Walker and Allmann Sattler Wappner Architects in collaboration.
Residential – Houses Wilkinson Award—Bilgola Residence by Tzannes Associates 11. Award—Sullivan Holm House by Rosevear Architects 12. Commendations (2)—F2 House by Donovan Hill; Burridge Read Residence by David Boyle Architect.
Residential – Multiple Housing Aaron Bolot Award
20–24 Alfred Street Apartments by BVN Architecture 13. Award—UNSW Village by Architectus 14. Commendation—Dutton Street Apartments by Redshift Architecture & Art.
Small Project Award—P6 Paystation by Tony Caro Architecture 15. Commendations (3)—Sydney Park Amenities by Stanic Harding; Australia St Infants School COLA by Scale Architecture; Roof Pavilion, Point Piper, by Tzannes Associates.
Sustainable Milo Dunphy Award—Surry Hills Library and Community Centre by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp 16. Award—Blackmores Campus Office Facility by Watermark Architecture & Interiors 17. Commendation—One Shelley Street by Fitzpatrick + Partners.Blacket Prize—Glasshouse: Arts, Conference and Entertainment Centre by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer 18.
Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture—Charles Sturt University School of Dentistry, Wagga Wagga, by Brewster Hjorth Architects 19.
25 Year Award—Offices, Milsons Point, by Harry Seidler & Associates 20.
Premier’s Prize (2)—Maitland Regional Art Gallery by Paul Berkemeier Architect 21; Junee Library by Workshop 1: Dunn + Hillam Architects 22. President’s Prize—Clover Moore MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney. Marion Mahony Griffin Prize
Jan McCredie.
Adrian Ashton Prize—David Malouf.

Public – New Michael Heenan (chair), Lisa-Maree Carrigan, Bob Nation.
Public Architecture and Urban Design Alec Tzannes (chair), Graeme Dix, Margaret Petrykowski.
Multiple housing Angelo Candalepas (chair), Helen Lochhead, Philip Pollard.
Sustainable, Heritage and Small Projects William Smart (chair), Peter Freeman, Louise Nettleton.
Single Housing Ed Lippmann (chair), Wendy Lewin, David Welsh.

09 NSW Image: John Gollings

09 NSW Image: John Gollings

10 NSW Image: Anthony Browell

10 NSW Image: Anthony Browell

11 NSW Image: Steve Back

11 NSW Image: Steve Back

12 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

12 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

13 NSW Image: Peter Bennetts

13 NSW Image: Peter Bennetts

14 NSW Image: John Gollings

14 NSW Image: John Gollings

15 NSW Image: Nick Bowers

15 NSW Image: Nick Bowers

16 NSW Image: Andrew Chung

16 NSW Image: Andrew Chung

17 NSW Image: Marcus Clinton

17 NSW Image: Marcus Clinton

18 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

18 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

19 NSW Image: Ian Brewster

19 NSW Image: Ian Brewster

20 NSW Image: Dirk Meinecke

20 NSW Image: Dirk Meinecke

21 NSW Image: Adrian Boddy

21 NSW Image: Adrian Boddy

22 NSW Image: Kilian O'Sullivan

22 NSW Image: Kilian O’Sullivan


01 NT Image: Brett Boardman

01 NT Image: Brett Boardman

02 NT Image: Brett Boardman

02 NT Image: Brett Boardman

03 NT Image: Ben Collette

03 NT Image: Ben Collette

04 NT Image: Brett Boardman

04 NT Image: Brett Boardman

05 NT Image: Brett Boardman

05 NT Image: Brett Boardman

06 NT Image: Simon Scally

06 NT Image: Simon Scally

Exactly ten years ago, I visited Yuendemu as a juror, and the jury awarded the “Lolly Houses” the Tracey Memorial Award. This year, stage 1 of the Warlpiri Youth Development has been built in the town centre. This, the Desert People Centre and the new Central Land Council Building in Alice Springs show how far we have come in creating authentic responses to developing future Indigenous cultures.
The adaption and additions to the Banyan House Therapeutic Community Centre and new dormitory wings at Kormilda College, Darwin, provide important services and social built fabric for institutional typologies that respond to Top End demographics.
The only single residential entry, The Pink House, transfers the living space from the upstairs of more traditional “houses on stilts” to the ground level  where internal, external and landscape spaces can be truly integrated. The project is a potential prototype for future housing in the tropics.
A bright new computer centre for children is a refreshing addition to the energetic reformation of the 60s Essington School Campus. The Skycity expansion of the casino is the first in a series of major improvements that contribute to Darwin as a major tourist node in the southern Asia region.
The Charles Darwin University Chancellory Building shows a very modern approach to a tropical building. It has been designed with working space wings either side of a central glazed atrium, which acts like an internal court or street, offering a generous and inviting space to campus users.
This year, although entry numbers were small, the collection of nominations  offers an insight into the way architects in the tropics continue to deal with green and cultural issues, sustainability and consideration of the natural and urban landscape.
John Mainwaring (jury chair)

Tracy Memorial Award—Charles Darwin University Chancellery Building by Hassell 1.
Public Reverend John Flynn Award—Charles Darwin University Chancellery Building by Hassell 2. Award—Essington School Computer Centre by Mode Design Corporation 3. Commendation—Banyan House Therapeutic Community by Mode Design Corporation.
Commercial Peter Dermoudy Award—Skycity Expansion by Hassell 4.
Interior George Chaloupka Award—Central Land Council, Alice Springs, by Woodhead 5.
Residential Award—The Pink House by Build Up Design 6.
Sustainable Commendation— Central Land Council, Alice Springs, by Woodhead.
Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture—Skycity Expansion by Hassell 7.
Indigenous Community Architecture Award—Warlpiri Youth Development Centre Stage 1 by Brendan J. Meney Architects in association with Richard Layton & Associates 8.

John Mainwaring (chair), Sue Dugdale, Stacey Henderson.

07 NT Image: Brett Boardman

07 NT Image: Brett Boardman

08 NT Image: Brendan Meney

08 NT Image: Brendan Meney


01 WA Image: Adrian Lambert

01 WA Image: Adrian Lambert

02 WA Image: Peter Casamento

02 WA Image: Peter Casamento

03 WA Image: Acorn Photo

03 WA Image: Acorn Photo

04 WA Image: Russell Barton

04 WA Image: Russell Barton

05 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

05 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

06 WA Image: Peter Casamento

06 WA Image: Peter Casamento

07 WA Image: Coda Studio

07 WA Image: Coda Studio

08 WA Image: Alison Paine

08 WA Image: Alison Paine

09 WA Image: Robert Frith

09 WA Image: Robert Frith

The quantity and quality of entrants in this year’s awards again demonstrate the striving for design excellence of the members of the architectural profession in WA. While the award winners get the glory, the effort of the voluntary juries assessing the projects goes relatively unheralded. The preferred process is for entries to be visited by the juries, where possible. With four jurors in approximately ten categories and around a hundred-odd entries scattered across the state, this represents an immense effort. The profession is indebted to these jurors, for without them there would be no awards as we know them. The good news for the jurors is that they get an opportunity to experience their colleagues’ work, which often may not be normally accessible.
Patrick Pinder (jury chair)

George Temple Poole Award —Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Perth, by Peter M. Quinn Architect 1.
Public Jeffrey Howlett Award—Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Perth, by Peter M. Quinn Architect 2. Awards (2)Forrest Library by James Christou & Partners Architects 3; WA Basketball Centre by Peter Hunt and Daryl Jackson Architects 4. Commendations (3) La Salle College Sports Centre by Parry & Rosenthal Architects; John XXIII College Julia de Sales Centre by Broderick Architects; Wanneroo SHS Music and Dance/English and Student Services by DWA Architects.Commercial Ross Chisholm Award—Durack House by Woodhead 5. Commendations (2)Jandakot Office Building Lot 7 by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland; The Garden by Taylor Robinson.
Heritage Margaret Pitt Morison Award —Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Perth, by Peter M. Quinn Architect 6. Commendation —Caves House Redevelopment by CMP Architects.
Urban Design John Septimus Roe Award—Broome North by Coda Studio 7.Interior and Lighting Julius Elischer Award—Enex100 Food Podium by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland 8. Awards (2)La Salle College Senior Learning Centre Conversion by Parry & Rosenthal Architects 9; Curtin Stadium by James Christou & Partners Architects 10. Commendations (3)Brisbane Street Additions by Rad Architecture; Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland Studio by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland; Broome Street, Cottesloe, by Richard Szklarz Architects.
Residential Architecture – HousesNew Marshall Clifton Award—Salvado Street Residence by Bates Smart and Madeleine Blanchfield Architects 11. Awards (3)Esuoh, Yallingup, by Hofman and Brown Architects 12; Redgate Beach House by Craig Steere Architects 13; Mount Pleasant Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects 14. Commendations (5)Seascapes Residence by Optimum Resource Architects; Coleman Residence by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects; Yallingup Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects; York Street by Hillam Architects; Injidup Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects.Residential Architecture – Houses Alterations and Additions Commendations (2)Rawson Street Residence by Nash & Ghersinich Architects and Interior Designers; Wilkins Residence by Robert Andary Architecture.Residential Architecture – Multiple Harold Krantz Award—32 Henry Street by Spaceagency 15. Commendations (2) Islands by Architectus and Cameron Chisholm Nicol, architects in association; Balcatta Courtyard Houses for Department of Housing by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.Small Project Iwan Iwanoff Award—Swan TAFE Thornlie Heavy Plant Mechanics Seminar Building by Armstrong Parkin Architects 16. Award—Prevelly Beach House by Spaceagency 17. Commendations (3)Edith Street by Officer Woods Architects; Public Transport Authority (PTA) Perth Underground Information Centre by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects; East Perth Compact 36 by Anthony Hines, Architect.
Sustainable Architecture Walter Greenham Award—Durack House by Woodhead 18. Award—Sheffield House by Cameron Chisholm & Nicol (WA) 19. Commendation—Peg’s Place by Architect Gerard Siero.Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture—WA Basketball Centre by Peter Hunt and Daryl Jackson Architects 20. Commendation—AK Reserve Athletics Stadium by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland.
Mondoluce Lighting Award—Enex100 Food Podium by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland 8.
25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture—Law Building, University of Western Australia by Ferguson Architects 21.

Public Laurie Hegvold, Carolyn Marshall, Kieran Wong, Ian Silver.
Residential Michael Croudace, Stephen Parkin, Maxine Canning, Kay Cohen.
Residential – Alterations and Additions Sophie Giles, Nerida Moredoundt, Ben Croudace, Adrian Iredale.
Residential – Multiple Jonathan Lake, Michael Jorgensen, Rachel Feldhusen, Caterina Sharpe.
Heritage John Taylor, Katrina Chisholm, Adelyn Siew, Tony Ednie-Brown.
Urban Design Kym MacCormac, Peter Monks, Andy Sharp, David Karotkin.
Commercial Stephen Neille, Jon Webster, Brendan Kelly, Tim Wright.
Interior Joe Chindarsi.
Lighting Sam Teoh, Dimity Walker, Andrew Pritchard.
Small Projects Simon Pendal (chair), Emma Williamson, Blane Brackenridge, Lou Cotter.
Sustainable Finn Pedersen (chair), Ray Basham, Phillip Griffiths.
Colorbond Steel Award Monica Macaskill, Kelly Rattigan, Ahmad Abas.
George Temple Poole Pat Pinder, Meino Mirkva, Rod Mollett, Scott Nicholson (BlueScope), Jurg Hunziker.

10 WA Image: Acorn Photo

10 WA Image: Acorn Photo

11 WA Image: Tyrone Branigan

11 WA Image: Tyrone Branigan

12 WA Image: Chantel Concei

12 WA Image: Chantel Concei

13 WA Image: Craig Steere Architects

13 WA Image: Craig Steere Architects

14 WA Image: Robert Frith

14 WA Image: Robert Frith

15 WA Image: Michael Patroni

15 WA Image: Michael Patroni

16 WA Image: Tony Nathan

16 WA Image: Tony Nathan

17 WA Image: Michael Patroni

17 WA Image: Michael Patroni

18 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

18 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

19 WA Image: Greg Hocking

19 WA Image: Greg Hocking

20 WA Image: Russell Barton

20 WA Image: Russell Barton

21 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

21 WA Image: Martin Farquharson



Published online: 1 Jul 2010


Architecture Australia, July 2010

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