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Australian Institute of Architects State Awards Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia The first instalment of state awards in the lead-up to the National Awards, to be held in South Australia on 30 October.

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2 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

2 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

3 Tasmania, Image: Jonathan Wherrett

3 Tasmania, Image: Jonathan Wherrett

4 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

4 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

5 Tasmania, Image: Jonathan Wherrett

5 Tasmania, Image: Jonathan Wherrett

6 Tasmania, Image: Peter Whyte

6 Tasmania, Image: Peter Whyte

7 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

7 Tasmania, Image: Ray Joyce

Jury Overview
The jury was impressed by the standard of projects submitted. Those visited were quite different in nature and execution, and, as you would expect in Tasmania, located on some extraordinary urban and landscape sites.

There is a growing local culture of architecture in the state, with both mature and younger practices submitting outstanding projects embedded in the local condition – either through practices’ own design research or more explicitly through a local discourse. This discourse includes consistent themes – curating a landscape of sea and land through architecture, or dealing with specific and intense heritage conditions, or developing ideas for sustainability that suit a cooler climate. There was also an attitude of experimentation – many of the projects were thought through from first principles rather than being default responses.

The awarded and commended projects all exhibited this attitude, but each also had a clear idea, about program, or site, or the development of architectural form, or a relationship to the city and landscape. As such, they provide a guide to the public, to government and to the private sector on the value of design to the community.
Carey Lyon LFRAIA (jury chair)

Carey Lyon (chair), Paul S. L. Johnston, James Morrison, Craig Rosevear, Adrian Franklin
Henry Hunter Triennial Prize Fred Ward, Maria Gigney, Leigh Woolley
SWT Blythe Prize Cath Hall, Peter Walker, Steven Spizick

PublicCommendation—Hobart Integrated Terminal by Hassell.
Urban DesignAward—New Department of Emergency Medicine, Royal Hobart Hospital by Philip Lighton, Crawford Padas Shurman, Health Science Planning Consultants in Association 1.
CommercialAward—Aurora Operations Facility by Heffernan Button Voss 2; Commendation—2 Salamanca Square Redevelopment by Heffernan Button Voss.
Small ProjectsAward—Fish 349 Function Room by Terroir 3.
Residential – NewAward—Fish for Breakfast by 1+2 Architecture 4; Commendations (2)—Niree Heights House by Philip Lighton Architects; Ian and Jean’s by 1+2 Architecture.
Residential – Alterations and AdditionsAward—South Hobart Extension by Preston Lane Architects 5.
Residential – MultipleAward—Ball and Chain Apartments by Heffernan Button Voss 6.
HeritageCommendation—St Aidan’s Church by Architects Workshop.
InteriorCommendation—GHD Offices by GHD.
SustainableCommendation— 2 Salamanca Square Redevelopment by Heffernan Button Voss.
Colorbond Award—Aurora Operations Facility by Heffernan Button Voss 7.
Henry Hunter Triennial Prize—IXL Development by Morris-Nunn and Associates.
President’s Prize—J. H. Esmond Dorney.
SWT Blythe Student Prize—Urban Studio by Chee Chin Hing.


1 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

1 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

2 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Stefan Postles

2 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Stefan Postles

3 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

3 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

4 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Tyrone Brannigan

4 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Tyrone Brannigan

5 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

5 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

6 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

6 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

7 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

7 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

The 2008 ACT Awards recognize the fulfilment of clear objectives and intentions on the part of clients, architects, authorities, specialist consultants, contractors and tradespeople. The jury experienced excitement and delight when visiting the recognized works.

Good architecture derives from a careful consideration of our heritage, the spaces between buildings and the amenity of buildings; an increased understanding of the vitality that mixed-use developments bring; and the achievement of sustainability that encompasses cultural as well as environmental outcomes.

The jury would like to see the government, as client, strive to raise and set new national standards creating an environment conducive to the creation of excellence and innovation.
Andrew Wilson (jury chair)

Andrew Wilson (chair), Richard Johnson, Nicholas Childs, Bronwen Jones, Phil Waite, Virginia Haussegger

Canberra Medallion—New Acton East by Fender Katsalidis Architects 1.
PublicAward—Borambola Conference Venue by Collins Caddaye Architects 2.
CommercialAward—New Acton East by Fender Katsalidis Architects 3. Commendations (2)—Hotel Realm by Colin Stewart Architects; Centraplaza by Bligh Voller Nield.
HeritageAward—Canberra Glassworks by Tanner Architects 4.
InteriorAward—AECOM – Maunsell/Bassett ACT Workplace by Bligh Voller Nield 5. Commendation—Australian Taxation Office Canberra by Woodhead.
ResidentialAward—Fielding House by Cox Humphries Moss/Raszewski/Myson 6. Commendation—Guest Charlesworth House by Townsend + Associates Architects.
Residential – MultipleAward— New Acton East by Fender Katsalidis Architects 7.
Small ProjectsAwards (2)— Harris Hobbs Carport and Entry by Townsend + Associates Architects 8; Phillips House by Arquitectura 9.
SustainableCommendation—Grace Chapel – Burgmann Anglican School by Collard Clarke Jackson Canberra.
Urban DesignCommendations (2)—Bunda Street by Cox Humphries Moss; Commonwealth Place Kiosks by Terroir.
Art in ArchitectureAward—New Acton East by Fender Katsalidis Architects 10.
Light in ArchitectureAward—Phillips House by Arquitectura 11.
RenovationArchicentre Mervyn Willoughby Thomas Renovation Award—Malibu Drive, Bawley Point by Grahame Legge 12.
Colorbond Award—Borambola Conference Venue by Collins Caddaye Architects 13. Commendation—Harris Hobbs Carpark and Entry by Townsend + Associates Architects.
Clem Cummings Medal—Ken Charlton.
President’s Medal—Graham Scott-Bohanna.
ACT Chapter Medallionstudent—Sophie Blain.
John Redmond Student Prize—Matthew Chamberlain.

8 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

8 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Ben Wrigley

9 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Pedro Geleris

9 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Pedro Geleris

10 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

10 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Dianna Snape

11 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Pedro Geleris

11 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Pedro Geleris

12 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Grahame Legge

12 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Grahame Legge

13 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Stefan Postles

13 Australian Capital Territory, Image: Stefan Postles


1 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

1 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

2 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

2 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

3 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

3 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

4 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

4 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

5 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

5 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

6 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

6 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

7 Victoria, Image: Rhiannon Slatter

7 Victoria, Image: Rhiannon Slatter

8 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

8 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

9 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

9 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

With a record 183 entries for the 2008 Victorian Architecture Awards, choosing specific architectural examples as exemplars of the profession can assure the rigour and clear thinking demanded of the volunteer juries. The criteria for excellence is discussed within the jury from personal standpoints, and the results bonded by the group dynamic. Sometimes the outstanding work is obvious and therefore indisputable. But more often, selection unfolds through scrutiny and debate – a process in which final decisions are made all the more difficult by the absurdly high standard of design thinking and outcomes in this state. Full marks to colleagues who give generously of their time, effort and exposure to the jury process.
Karl Fender, FRAIA (Victorian Chapter President)

Chair of Juries Peter Maddison
Public – New Alfred deBruyne (chair), Roger Wood, Des Smith
Public – Alterations and Additions Grant Amon (chair), Stephen Javens, Martyn Hook
Residential – New Callum Fraser (chair), Peter Carmichael, Stephen Staughton
Residential – Alterations and Additions Patrick Kennedy (chair), Fiona Winzar, Janet McGaw
Residential – Multiple James Legge (chair), Paul Minifie, Shelley Penn
Heritage Philip Goad (chair), Michael Leeton, Mark O’Dwyer
Commercial Craig Rosetti (chair), James Staughton, Howard Raggatt
Interior Jesse Judd (chair), Peter Malatt, Karen Alcock
Urban Design Peter Bickle (chair), Keith Streames, Marika Neustupny
Small Projects Peter Maddison (chair), Delia Teschendorff, Paul Porjazoski
Sustainable Chris De Campo (chair), Kai Chen, Rob Adams
Melbourne Prize Peter Crone (chair), Alfred deBruyne, Mel Dodd
Regional Prize Sally Draper (chair), Peter Ho, Brenton Weisert
Colorbond Award Ivan Rijavic (chair), Andrew Maynard, Vanessa Bird, Andrei Stewart
Bates Smart Award Roger Poole (chair), Alex Selenitsch, Stuart Harrison

Victorian Architecture Medal—Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership by John Wardle Architects 1.
PublicWilliam Wardell Award—Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership by John Wardle Architects 2. Awards – New (2)—Albury LibraryMuseum by Ashton Raggatt McDougall 3; MCG Redevelopment Northern Stand by MCG 5 Sports Architects 4. Awards – Alterations and Additions (3)—Heide Redevelopment by O’Connor + Houle 5; Port Phillip Accommodation Project by Williams Boag Architects 6; St John of God Hospital by Billard Leece Partnership 7.
CommercialSir Osborn McCutcheon Award—Monaco House by McBride Charles Ryan 8. Award—Hume City Council Offices by Lyons 9.
HeritageJohn George Knight Award—Chadwick House Stage 1 by Peter Crone Architects 10. Awards (2)— Eynesbury Station Redevelopment by HLDC 11; Centre for Theology and Ministry and Dalton McCaughey Library by Williams Boag Architects 12.
Urban DesignJoseph Reed Award—K2 Apartments by DesignInc, Melbourne 13.
InteriorMarion Mahony Award—Seaford Life Saving Club by Robert Simeoni 14. Awards (2)—Qantas First Lounge, Melbourne by Woods Bagot, Marc Newson and Sebastien Segers 15; Caroline Springs Stadium by Suters Prior Cheney 16.
Residential – SingleHarold Desbrowe-Annear Award—Klein Bottle House by McBride Charles Ryan 17. Awards – New(3)—Tube House by Adrian FitzGerald of Denton Corker Marshall 18; Wilson House by Denton Corker Marshall 19; Kyneton House by John Wardle Architects 20. Award – Alterations and Additions—Elwood House by NMBW Architecture Studio 21.
Residential – MultipleBest Overend Award—Dock 5 by John Wardle Architects 22. Awards(2)—Hue Apartments by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects 23; Edgecombe Street, Kew by onoff ad 24.
Small ProjectsAward for Small Project Architecture—Children’s Activity Centre by PHOOEY Architects 25. Awards(3)—Grover Home/Office by Workshop Architecture 26; Lux Residence Addition by Edmond and Corrigan 27; Pioneer Museum Plaza, Jeparit by NMBW Architecture Studio + Urban Architecture Laboratory, RMIT 28.
SustainableAward for Sustainable Architecture—K2 Apartments by DesignInc, Melbourne 29. Awards(2)—RSPCA Burwood Redevelopment – Kennels Stage 1 by NHArchitecture 30; Children’s Activity Centre by PHOOEY Architects 31.
RegionalRegional Prize—Pioneer Museum Plaza, Jeparit by NMBW Architecture Studio + Urban Architecture Laboratory, RMIT 32. Award—Albury LibraryMuseum by Ashton Raggatt McDougall 33. Colorbond Steel Award—Albury LibraryMuseum by Ashton Raggatt McDougall 34. Melbourne Prize—The Vaults by Six Degrees 35. 25 Year Award for Enduring Architecture—Murray Valley Private Hospital, former Clyde Cameron College, by Kevin Borland 36. Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media – State AwardHomes in the Sky by Caroline Butler-Bowdon and Charles Pickett; National AwardGunyah Goondie + Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia by Paul Memmott. President’s Prize—John Gollings.

10 Victoria, Image: Patrick Bingham-Hall

10 Victoria, Image: Patrick Bingham-Hall

11 Victoria, Image: HLDC

11 Victoria, Image: HLDC

12 Victoria, Image: Tracie Williams

12 Victoria, Image: Tracie Williams

13 Victoria, Image: David Wierzbowski

13 Victoria, Image: David Wierzbowski

14 Victoria, Image: Brendan Finn

14 Victoria, Image: Brendan Finn

15 Victoria, Image: Olaf Reuffurth

15 Victoria, Image: Olaf Reuffurth

16 Victoria, Image: Emma Cross

16 Victoria, Image: Emma Cross

17 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

17 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

18 Victoria, Image: Tim Griffith

18 Victoria, Image: Tim Griffith

19 Victoria, Image: Shannon McGrath

19 Victoria, Image: Shannon McGrath

20 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

20 Victoria, Image: Trevor Mein

21 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

21 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

22 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

22 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

23 Victoria, Image: Andrew Curtis

23 Victoria, Image: Andrew Curtis

24 Victoria, Image: Michael Larionoff

24 Victoria, Image: Michael Larionoff

25 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

25 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

26 Victoria, Image: Shannon McGrath

26 Victoria, Image: Shannon McGrath

27 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

27 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

28 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

28 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

29 Victoria, Image: Peter Hyatt

29 Victoria, Image: Peter Hyatt

30 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

30 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

31 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

31 Victoria, Image: Peter Bennetts

32 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

32 Victoria, Image: NMBW Architecture Studio

33 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

33 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

34 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

34 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

35 Victoria, Image: Paul Allister

35 Victoria, Image: Paul Allister

36 Victoria, Image: John Gollings

36 Victoria, Image: John Gollings


1 Northern Territory, Image: Tissa Ratnayeke

1 Northern Territory, Image: Tissa Ratnayeke

2 Northern Territory, Image: Charlotte Browne

2 Northern Territory, Image: Charlotte Browne

3 Northern Territory, Image: David Silva

3 Northern Territory, Image: David Silva

4 Northern Territory, Image: Ben Cobham

4 Northern Territory, Image: Ben Cobham

5 Northern Territory, Image: Shane Kearney

5 Northern Territory, Image: Shane Kearney

6 Northern Territory, Image: Daryl Butler

6 Northern Territory, Image: Daryl Butler

Ten projects were submitted this year and, though small in number, they provided a good cross-section of building types demonstrating architectural excellence.

The three days the jury spent visiting and evaluating the projects benefited from a disciplined schedule and from congenial and well-prepared clients and architects.

The projects elicited much discourse and debate within the jury, particularly in the interpretation of the criteria for assessment. Regardless, we found our natural responses to each of the projects were similar despite our differences in background and education. This underlined our mutual enjoyment and ultimate agreement on the awards.

The jury encourages all NT architects to submit for the awards since, in itself, the process elicits great mutual benefit both for the profession and the community.
Robert Cheesman AM FRAIA (jury chair)

Robert Cheesman (chair), Hully Liveris, Hon. Clare Martin MLA

Tracy Memorial Award—Darwin Football Stadium by Jackman Gooden Architects (NT) 1.
PublicAwards (2)—Darwin Football Stadium by Jackman Gooden Architects (NT) 2; Darwin Entertainment Centre and The Holiday Inn by Troppo Architects 3. Commendation—Alice Springs Water Reclamation Plant by Brendan J. Meney Architects.
Urban DesignAward—Darwin Entertainment Centre and The Holiday Inn by Troppo Architects 4.
CommercialAward—Gundjeihmi Office by Build Up Design Architects 5.
ResidentialBurnett Award—Batchelor Pad by The Architects Studio and Mode Design Corporation 6.
Residential – HousesAward—Paspaley Residence by Kapetas and Associates 7. Commendation—The Study Retreat by Troppo Architects.
Small ProjectsAward—Batchelor Pad by The Architects Studio and Mode Design Corporation 8.
Colorbond Award—Alice Springs Water Reclamation Plant by Brendan J. Meney Architects 9.
Indigenous Community Award—Gundjeihmi Office by Build Up Design Architects 10.
People’s Choice Award—Batchelor Pad by The Architects Studio and Mode Design Corporation 11.
Student Award—Ave Maria Abellanosa.
NT Emerging Architect Prize— Wendy Christie.

7 Northern Territory, Image: George Kapetas

7 Northern Territory, Image: George Kapetas

8 Northern Territory, Image: Cas Fletcher

8 Northern Territory, Image: Cas Fletcher

9 Northern Territory, Image: Brendan J Meney

9 Northern Territory, Image: Brendan J Meney

10 Northern Territory, Image: Wendy Christie

10 Northern Territory, Image: Wendy Christie

11 Northern Territory, Image: Cas Fletcher

11 Northern Territory, Image: Cas Fletcher


1 Western Australia, Image: Greg Hocking

1 Western Australia, Image: Greg Hocking

2 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

2 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

3 Western Australia, Image: Adrian Lambert

3 Western Australia, Image: Adrian Lambert

4 Western Australia, Image: Michael Conroy & Joel Barbitta

4 Western Australia, Image: Michael Conroy & Joel Barbitta

5 Western Australia, Image: Greg Hocking

5 Western Australia, Image: Greg Hocking

6 Western Australia, Image: Christopher Paterson

6 Western Australia, Image: Christopher Paterson

7 Western Australia, Image: Philip Griffiths Architects

7 Western Australia, Image: Philip Griffiths Architects

8 Western Australia, Image: Palassis Architects

8 Western Australia, Image: Palassis Architects

9 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

9 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

10 Western Australia, Image: Marisa Blowfield

10 Western Australia, Image: Marisa Blowfield

11 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

11 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

The booming WA economy has created an unprecedented demand for architectural services, resulting in some of the many overworked and understaffed practices choosing not to devote time to preparing design award entries in 2008. This follows the 2007 trend and has resulted in a 10% drop in entries for the 2008 awards. Nevertheless the submissions continue to reflect a high standard of architectural design, with an increase in regional differentiation indicating greater attention to sustainability issues in project locations which range from the harsh climate of the Pilbara in the far north to Albany at the southernmost tip of the state. Despite the drop in entries, 2008 has produced a greater number of awards, celebrating yet another year of outstanding architecture in WA.
Professor Laurie Hegvold (chair of jurors)

Public Pat Pinder (chair), Nigel Shaw, James Christou, Peter Gillies
Residential – Single, Alterations and Additions Michael Croudace (chair), Maxine Canning, Simon Bodycoat, Kay Cohen
Residential – Multiple Fred Zuideveld (chair), Sam Teoh, Craig Steere, Len Bransby
Commercial and Urban Design Lou Cotter (chair), Sally Matthews, Dick Donaldson, Jon Webster
Interior and Lighting David Hillam (chair), Suzie Hunt, Janine Marsh, Fiona Adolph
Small Projects Ben Croudace (chair), Bernard Seeber, Rebecca Moore, Andrew Pritchard
Sustainable Carolyn Marshall (chair), Garry Baverstock, Caterina Sharpe, Kriston Symons
Heritage Philip Mcallister (chair), Stephen Carrick, Tony Ednie-Brown
Colorbond Award Scott Nicholson, Sue Swain, Jonathan Lake

George Temple Poole Award—St George’s Anglican Cathedral Perth, Stage 1 Restoration by Hocking Planning and Architecture 1.
PublicDepartment of Housing and Works Architecture Award—Dickinson Centre by Taylor Robinson 2. Commendations (2)—Wiluna Remote Community School by TAG Architects; Challenger TAFE Henderson by JCY Architects and Urban Designers.
CommercialMidland Brick Award—ICM Group Engineering Services Workshop by Chindarsi Architects 3. Commendations(2)—Cosmetic Studio by Wright Feldhusen Architects; Novotel Ningaloo Resort by Oldfield Knott Architects.
Urban DesignCommendations (2)—Thomson Bay Cottages by Philip Griffiths Architects; The Merry-Go-Round of Dreams and Ghosts by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.
InteriorMondoluce Award—St John of God Subiaco Chapel by Silver Thomas Hanley Architects 4. Commendations(2)—Mint Nightclub by Chindarsi Architects; Cockburn Gateway Shopping City – Stage 2 by The Buchan Group.
ConservationHeritage Council of WA Award—St George’s Anglican Cathedral Perth, Stage 1 Restoration by Hocking Planning and Architecture 5. Awards(3)— Fremantle Prison Main Cell Block and Chapel Facade Conservation by Palassis Architects 6; Thomson Bay Cottages by Philip Griffiths Architects 7; St George’s College Memorial Wing by Palassis Architects 8. Commendation— 484 Murray Street, Perth (BG&E Offices) by The Buchan Group.
Residential – SingleScoop Publishing Architecture Award—Dunsborough Residence by Wright Feldhusen Architects 9. Award—Flinders Bay Coastal Residence by Peter Moran Architect 10. Commendations(2)—The Rise by Sam Teoh Architects; Ribbon House by Hartree + Associates Architects.
Residential – Alterations and AdditionsScoop Publishing Architecture Award—Vera View House by Bernard Seeber Architect 11. Award—Ruby by Hartree + Associates Architects 12. Commendation—Steedman Residence by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects.
Residential – MultipleFielders Architecture Award—Smiths Beach Resort by JCY Architects and Urban Planners 13. Award—68 Marine Terrace Apartments by Hartree + Associates Architects 14.
Small ProjectsRAIA WA Architecture Award—Fremantle House by Simon Pendal and Rebecca Angus 15. Commendation—Cosmology Gallery, Gravity Discovery Centre by Simon Anderson of University of Western Australia.
Sustainable (sponsored by Laminex) Commendation—Tomkinson Taylor House at York by Considine Architects.
Colorbond Award—Wiluna Remote Community School by TAG Architects 16.
Mondoluce Architectural Lighting Award—St George’s Anglican Cathedral Perth, Stage 1 Restoration by Hocking Planning and Architecture 17. Commendation—Fremantle House by Simon Pendal and Rebecca Angus.

12 Western Australia, Image: David Hartree

12 Western Australia, Image: David Hartree

13 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

13 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

14 Western Australia, Image: Patrick Bingham-Hall

14 Western Australia, Image: Patrick Bingham-Hall

15 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

15 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

16 Western Australia, Image: Malcolm McGregor & Melanie Burnett

16 Western Australia, Image: Malcolm McGregor & Melanie Burnett

17 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith

17 Western Australia, Image: Robert Frith


1 South Australia, Image: Peter Noonan

1 South Australia, Image: Peter Noonan

2 South Australia, Image: Peter Fisher

2 South Australia, Image: Peter Fisher

3 South Australia, Image: David Sievers

3 South Australia, Image: David Sievers

The influence of interstate architects on the state’s awards is no surprise. It is somewhat ironic, though, that three of the top gongs should go to the Santos Centre interior by Blight Voller Nield and the Hawke Building by John Wardle Architects with Hassell. Nonetheless, South Australia continues to show a commitment to a regional sense and this can mostly be seen through the impact climate change is having on our architecture and the state at large.

As always, the work is strong and competent. All juries commented generally that the work continues to excel, largely through a small but persistent group of architects with clients willing and sometimes compelling them to push past what can at times be a conservative state subconscious.
Francesco Bonato (awards director)

Public Stephen Loo (chair), Andy Ford, Steve Grieve, Rachel Tassone (guest)
Residential – Houses and Multiple Andrew Phillips (chair), Richard Woods, Phil Harris, Catherine Winwood (guest)
Heritage, Small Project and Collaborative Michael Queale (chair), Judith Brine, Jason Schulz, Amanda Balmer (guest)
Commercial and Interior John Endersbee (chair), Mario Dreosti, Damian Madigan, Josephine Stott (guest)
Sustainable Steve Duddy (chair), Guy Maron, David Chapman, Nancy Pollock-Ellwand (guest)
Archicentre Jim Jovanovic (chair), Bohdan Dorniak, John Adam, Rosemary Cadden

PublicJack McConnell Award—Hawke Building by John Wardle Architects (design architects and joint project delivery) and Hassell (joint project delivery) 1. Award—Sacred Heart Performing Arts by Tridente Architects 2. Commendations(2)—Stirling Library – Public Buildings by Hassell; TQEH Inpatient Building by Cheesman Architects.
CommercialAward—Woodcroft College Administration Building by Phillips/Pilkington 3. Commendations(2)—ForestrySA Headquarters by Woods Bagot; Grenfell Centre Upgrade by Materne Pennino Hoare.
InteriorAwards(3)—Hawke Building by John Wardle Architects (design architects and joint project delivery) and Hassell (joint project delivery) 4; Santos Centre by Bligh Voller Nield Architecture 5; Stirling Library – Interior by Hassell 6. Commendation—Playford Operations Centre by Materne Pennino Hoare.
HeritageAwards(2)—John’s Décor Building Redevelopment by Woodhead 7; Carclew Youth Arts Centre, Tower Conservation by Swanbury Penglase 8. Commendation—Wallaroo Primary School – Fire Reinstatement Project by Swanbury Penglase in conjunction with Project Services, Building Management, Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI).
Residential – HousesCommendation—Hackney House by Max Pritchard Architect.
Residential – MultipleCommendation—96 Esplanade by Con Bastiras Architect.
SustainableCommendation—City Central Tower 1 by Woods Bagot.
Collaborative DesignCommendation—Port Augusta Courts Development by DTEI.

4 South Australia, Image: Trevor Mein

4 South Australia, Image: Trevor Mein

5 South Australia, Image: John Gollings

5 South Australia, Image: John Gollings

6 South Australia, Image: Adam Buzzone

6 South Australia, Image: Adam Buzzone

7 South Australia, Image: Drew Lenman

7 South Australia, Image: Drew Lenman

8 South Australia, Image: Swanbury Penglase

8 South Australia, Image: Swanbury Penglase



Published online: 1 Jul 2008


Architecture Australia, July 2008

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