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RAIA State Awards

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Tasmania, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia.

The first instalment of state awards in the lead-up to the RAIA National Awards, to be held at the Millennium Library, Brisbane, on 26 October.


01 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

01 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

02 TAS Image: Peter Whyte

02 TAS Image: Peter Whyte

03 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

03 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

04 TAS Image: Peter Walker

04 TAS Image: Peter Walker

05 TAS Image: Brett Broadman

05 TAS Image: Brett Broadman

06 TAS Image: Sarah Owen

06 TAS Image: Sarah Owen

07 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

07 TAS Image: Ray Joyce

08 TAS Image: Brett Broadman

08 TAS Image: Brett Broadman

Public Buildings – New and RecycledAward—Clarence Family Day Care Offices by 1+2 Architecture 01. Commendation—TAFE Clarence Campus Redevelopment by Jacob Allom Wade Architects. Residential – NewAward—Woodbridge Residence by DesignInc 02.

Commendations (2)—Liverpool Crescent House by Terroir; House at Middleton by Heffernan Button Voss. Residential – Alterations and AdditionsAward—179 Liverpool Street Apartments by 1+2 Architecture 03. HeritageAward—Edwards + Middleton House by Morris-Nunn & Associates 04. Commendation—Islington by Morris-Nunn & Associates.

CommercialAward—Moorilla Wine and Food Centre by Rosevear Architects and Jacob Allom Wade Architects 05. Commendations (2)—Fleurty’s Cafe by Leigh Woolley Architect; Cataract 135 Function Centre by Jack Birrell Architects. InteriorAward—UTas Library Learning Hubs by Crawford Shurman Architects 06. Commendations (2)—Fish 349 by Terroir; RAIA Tasmanian Chapter Premises by 1+2 Architecture. Environmental DesignAward—179 Liverpool Street Apartments by 1+2 Architecture 07. Colorbond Steel Award—Moorilla Wine and Food Centre by Rosevear Architects and Jacob Allom Wade Architects 08.

James Blackburn Triennial Award—Brett’s House by Rosevear Architects. Award—Camp Site, Douglas River Residence by Jack Birrell Architects. SWT Blythe Student Award—Launceston School of Contemporary Music by Garth Ancher. Commendation—Institute of Fashion and Textiles by Fiona Newman.

Bill Bleathman, Keith Drew, Maria Gigney, Peter Maddison, Ceridwen Owen


01 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

01 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

02 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

02 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

03 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

03 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

04 NSW Image: Richard Glover

04 NSW Image: Richard Glover

05 NSW Image: Paul Gosney

05 NSW Image: Paul Gosney

06 NSW Image: John Gollings

06 NSW Image: John Gollings

07 NSW Image: Richard Glover

07 NSW Image: Richard Glover

08 NSW Image: System Architects

08 NSW Image: System Architects

09 NSW Image: Richard Glover

09 NSW Image: Richard Glover

10 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

10 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

11 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

11 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

12 NSW Image: Richard Glover

12 NSW Image: Richard Glover

13 NSW Image: Oliver Berlin

13 NSW Image: Oliver Berlin

14 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

14 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

15 NSW Image: Willem Rethmeier

15 NSW Image: Willem Rethmeier

16 NSW Image: Sharrin Rees

16 NSW Image: Sharrin Rees

17 NSW Image: Kraig Carlstrom

17 NSW Image: Kraig Carlstrom

18 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

18 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

19 NSW Image: Oliver Berlin

19 NSW Image: Oliver Berlin

20 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

20 NSW Image: Michael Nicholson

21 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

21 NSW Image: Brett Boardman

22 NSW

22 NSW

Public BuildingsSulman Award—36/37 Squadron Headquarters, RAAF, by Bligh Voller Nield 01. Award—Centennial Park Amenities by Lahz Nimmo Architects 02. Commendations (2)—Max Webber Library by Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp; 223 Anzac Parade, UNSW, by Bligh Voller Nield. Civic DesignLloyd Rees Award—The Brickpit Ring by Durbach Block Architects 03. Award—Sydney Hilton by Johnson Pilton Walker 04. Commendation—Shipwreck Lookout by Neeson Murcutt Architects. InteriorAwards (2)—Customs House Library by Lacoste + Stevenson Architects 05; Deutsche Bank by Bligh Voller Nield 06.

Commercial BuildingsAward—Sydney Hilton by Johnson Pilton Walker 07. Commendations (2)—Nortel Networks Building by Bligh Voller Nield; 219–227 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, by Candalepas Associates. ResidentialWilkinson Awards (2)—Parish House by Robin Edmiston & Associates with System Architects 08; Mt Minderoo House, Mittagong, by Luigi Rosselli 09. Single Housing – NewAward—Bangalay by Stutchbury & Pape 10.

Commendations (2)—Bundeena Beach House by Sam Crawford Architects; Bungan Beach House by Casey Brown Architecture. Single Housing – Alterations and AdditionsAward—House Eight-Eight by Ostinga Design 11.

Commendations (2)—Hunters Hill Residence by Melocco & Moore Architects; Northbridge Treehouse by Andrew Burges Architecture.

Multiple HousingAwards (4)—Pindari by Candalepas Associates 12; Five new terrace houses and gallery in Woollahra by John Grove Architect 13; 23–25 Egan Street, Newtown, by Mackenzie Pronk Architects, Julie Mackenzie, Shack Design and Kieran McInerney, architects in association 14; 21 Alberta Street by Nation Viney 15. Adaptive Re-useAwards (2)—Smart Design Studio by Smart Design Studio 16; Sherman Studio by Tzannes Associates 17.

Energy Efficiency/ESDAwards (2)—23–25 Egan Street, Newtown, by Mackenzie Pronk Architects, Julie Mackenzie, Shack Design and Kieran McInerney, architects in association 18; 36/37 Squadron Headquarters, RAAF, by Bligh Voller Nield 19. RegionalBlacket Award—Bangalay by Stutchbury & Pape 20. Colorbond Steel Award—Bundeena Beach House by Sam Crawford Architects 21. 25 Year Award—Sydney Opera House interiors by Peter Todd, Hall Todd and Littlemore 22. President’s Award 23–25 Egan Street, Newtown, by Mackenzie Pronk Architects, Julie Mackenzie, Shack Design and Kieran McInerney, architects in association 14, 18. Marion Mahony Griffin Award (2)—Anna Rubbo; Kim Crestani. Adrian Ashton Award (2)—Philip Drew; Catherine Hunter. Special Jury Award—Frank Stanisic.

Diane Jones, Ken Woolley, Steve Kennedy, Peter Graham, Eva-Marie Prineas, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Janne Ryan


01 ACT Image: Matt Kelso

01 ACT Image: Matt Kelso

02 ACT Image: National Capital Authority

02 ACT Image: National Capital Authority

03 ACT  Image: John Gollings

03 ACT  Image: John Gollings

04 ACT Image: Ben Wrigley

04 ACT Image: Ben Wrigley

 ACT Image: Irene Lorgergs

 ACT Image: Irene Lorgergs

06 ACT Image: Dennis Formiatti

06 ACT Image: Dennis Formiatti

07 ACT

07 ACT

08 ACT

08 ACT

Canberra Medallion—Reid House by Roger Pegrum 01. Public BuildingsCommendation—Manuka Oval by Cox Humphries Moss Architects. Urban ArchitectureCommendation—Commonwealth Place Forecourt and Jetties by National Capital Authority. InteriorCommendation—ARC Fitout by Daryl Jackson and Alastair Swayn Architects. HeritageAward—Old Parliament House Gardens by National Capital Authority 02. Commendation—National Carillon Refurbishments by National Capital Authority/Cameron Chisolm & Nicol (NSW). ResidentialCommendation—SPACE – The Residence Stage 1 by Townsend & Associates and Renfree & Hanrahan Architects in association. SustainabilityAward—8 Brindabella Circuit by Daryl Jackson and Alastair Swayn Architects 03. Art and ArchitectureAward—Pavilion at Australian Capital Territory Gardens of Remembrance for the Office of Australian War Graves, Woden, by Philip Leeson Architects 04. RenovationMervin Willoughby Thomas Renovation Award—The Lambert Residence by Allan Spira Architect 05.

Colorbond Award—Studio Blue for Robert Boynes by Dennis Formiatti Architect 06.

25 Year Award (2)—RG Menzies Building by John F. D. Scarborough and Partners, Melbourne, in association with Collard Clarke and Jackson, 1963 07; Paterson House by Enrico Taglietti, 1968 08. John Redmond Student Prize—Sophie Blain. ACT Chapter Medallionstudent—Gerard O’Connell. Clem Cummings Award—Noel Potter. President’s Award—Catherine Townsend. Young Architects Award—Erik Innes.

Peter Collins, Tooey Elliott, Eugenie Keefer Bell, Ian (Max) Maxwell, Tom Snow


01 NT Image: Fiona Morrison

01 NT Image: Fiona Morrison

02 NT Image: Fiona Morrison

02 NT Image: Fiona Morrison

03 NT Image: Mark Phillips

03 NT Image: Mark Phillips

04 NT Image: David Silva

04 NT Image: David Silva

05 NT Image: Joanna Best

05 NT Image: Joanna Best

06 NT Image: Mark Phillips

06 NT Image: Mark Phillips

Tracy Memorial Award—Palliative Care Facility at the Royal Darwin Hospital by Build Up Design with Jackman Gooden Architects (NT) 01. Public BuildingsAward—Palliative Care Facility at the Royal Darwin Hospital by Build Up Design with Jackman Gooden Architects (NT) 02. Commendations (2)—Tennant Creek Hospital Renal Clinic by The Architects Studio; Arafura Timor Research Facility by MKEA Architects. ResidentialBurnett Award—Spring Residence by Mark Phillips 03. InteriorAwards (2)—TIO fit-out, Palmerston, by MKEA Architects 04; Redsalt Bar by Troppo Architects NT 05. Colorbond Steel Award—Spring Residence by Mark Phillips 06.

Sue Bradley, Brendan Meney, John Wilkins


01 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

01 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

02 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

02 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

03 WA Image: Graham Sands

03 WA Image: Graham Sands

04 WA Image: Graham Sands

04 WA Image: Graham Sands

05 WA Image: John gollings

05 WA Image: John gollings

06 WA Image: Justin Smith

06 WA Image: Justin Smith

07 WA Image: Aliocha Merker

07 WA Image: Aliocha Merker

08 WA Image: Hames Sharley

08 WA Image: Hames Sharley

09 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

09 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

10 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

10 WA Image: Martin Farquharson

11 WA

11 WA

12 WA Image: Robert Frith

12 WA Image: Robert Frith

13 WA Image: Robert Frith

13 WA Image: Robert Frith

14 WA

14 WA

15 WA Image: Philip Griffiths

15 WA Image: Philip Griffiths

George Temple Poole Award—Fremantle Mausoleum by DesignInc 01. Public/InstitutionalAwards (4)—Fremantle Mausoleum by DesignInc 02; Challenger TAFE Maritime Centre by Cox Howlett + Bailey Woodland 03; Perth College Science Building by Cox Howlett + Bailey Woodland 04; Shark Bay World Heritage Interpretive Centre by Woodhead International 05. Commendations (2)—Kurongkurl Katitjin, ECU Mt Lawley, Indigenous Centre, by Jones Coulter Young; Walmajarri Offices and Staff House for Djugerari Community by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. Residential – SingleAward—House North Fremantle by Brackenridge Architects 06.

Commendations (4)—Florida Beach House by Odden Rodrigues Architects; Bremer Bay Holiday House by Daniela Simon @ Sodaa; Nedlands House by Simon Rodrigues Architect; Winter Cottage by Chindarsi Architects.

Residential – Alterations and AdditionsAward—The Collie Street Apartment by Spaceagency 07. Commendation—Dunedin Street Residence by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. Residential – Duplex/Triplex and MultipleCommendations (2)—Azure Apartments, Mt Pleasant, by HPA Architects Planners Interior Designers; Tjuntjuntjarra Community Housing by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. Civic DesignAward—The Mandurah War Memorial by Hames Sharley 08. InteriorAward—Fremantle Mausoleum by DesignInc 09.

Commendations (4)—University Club of Western Australia by Donaldson + Warn Architects; Beachview Court Residence by Richard Szklarz Architects; 484 Murray Street (BG&E Offices) by The Buchan Group (WA); The Botanical at Burswood Entertainment Complex by Banham Architects. CommercialAward—Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Perth Accommodation Project by Hassell joint venture with Jones Coulter Young 10.

Commendation—The Brisbane Hotel by Taylor Robinson. HeritageHeritage Council Conservation Award—EPRA Offices/Old Bakery Redevelopment by Jeff Considine, Considine Architects 11. Commendations (2)—Levi Wallis Cottage by Philip Griffiths Architects; Fremantle Prison Tunnels Project by Palassis Architects.

Ecologically Sustainable DevelopmentAward—Winter Cottage by Chindarsi Architects 12.

Commendation—Bunbury Main Roads Office by Hassell. Archicentre Award—Cottesloe Flat by Fringe Architects 13. Colorbond Steel Award—Walmajarri Offices and Staff House for Djugerari Community by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects 14. Commendation—Winter Cottage by Chindarsi Architects. Lighting Award—Shenton Park Residence by Philip Griffiths Architects 15. Commendations (2)—Winter Cottage by Chindarsi Architects; The Brisbane Hotel by Taylor Robinson.

George Temple Poole
Ian Dewar, Kim Bevilaqua, Mike Croudace, Scott Nicholson
Ray Basham, Paul Rossen, David Hillam, Vince Carnevale
Single Residential
Louis Cotter, Peter Hobbs, Fred Zuideveld, Kate Bowden
Alterations/Additions/Duplex and Multiple
Adrian Welke, Ben Croudace, Rachel Feldhusen, Ian Harrison
Heritage and Civic
Tony Ednie-Brown, Michael Broderick, Carolyn Marshall, Stephen Carrick
Adrian Iredale, Trevor Saleeba, Craig Smith, Greg Harbour
Derek Nash, Patrick Irwin, Caterina Sharpe
ESD and Archicentre
Gerard Siero, Kym MacCormac, George Sheldon, James Caddis
Ahmad Abas, David Karotkin, Andrew MacLiver, Jose Grando
Tina Arthur, Bill Hames, Diane Greville


01 SA Image: Trevor Mein

01 SA Image: Trevor Mein

02 SA Image: Tom Roschi

02 SA Image: Tom Roschi

03 SA Image: Adam Brown

03 SA Image: Adam Brown

04 SA Image: David Sievers

04 SA Image: David Sievers

05 SA Image: David Russell

05 SA Image: David Russell

06 SA Image: Michael Bodroghy

06 SA Image: Michael Bodroghy

07 SA Image: Steve Rendoulis

07 SA Image: Steve Rendoulis

08 SA Image: Michael Bodroghy

08 SA Image: Michael Bodroghy

09 SA Image: Karl Fender

09 SA Image: Karl Fender

10 SA Image: Trevor Mein

10 SA Image: Trevor Mein

11 SA Image: Trevor Fox

11 SA Image: Trevor Fox

12 SA Image: David Russell

12 SA Image: David Russell

13 SA Image: John Maitland

13 SA Image: John Maitland

14 SA Image: Peter Fisher

14 SA Image: Peter Fisher

New BuildingsAwards (2)—UniSA Kaurna Building by John Wardle Architects and Hassell, architects in association 01; Lyell McEwin Hospital Redevelopment Stage A by Cheesman Architects 02. Commendations (5)—UniSA Dorrit Black Building by John Wardle Architects and Hassell, architects in association; St Andrews School – Early Learning Centre by Swanbury Penglase Architects; Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts by Hassell; Campus Access Lift by Walter Brooke and Associates; Kilparrin and Sasvi Schools Relocation Project by Jackman Parken Evans. ResidentialAwards (2)—Malvern Residence by Phillips/Pilkington Architects 03; House Awerbuch by Anton Johnson Architect 04. Commendations (4)—Walkerville House by Con Bastiras Architect; House at Stirling by Williams Burton Architects; Workday Weekenders by Antony Radford Architect; Kirk House by Max Pritchard Architect. RenovationArchicentre Renovation Awards (2)—Kambala Phillips Addition by Swanbury Penglase Architects 05; Frommer/Sved House by Max Pritchard Architect 06. Commendations (2)—Torrens Park Residence by Brasse Architects; House at Stirling by Williams Burton Architects.

CommercialAward—The Advertiser and Sunday Mail by EGO Fender Katsalidis 07.

Commendations (2)—East West Apartments by Loucas Zahos Architects; Professional Design Offices by Swanbury Penglase Architects.

Urban DesignAwards (2)—University of Adelaide Lower Level Campus Development by Hassell, Hardy Milazzo and MGT Architects, architects in association 08; Campus Access Lift by Walter Brooke and Associates 09.

Commendation—Flinders University Plaza by Grieve Gillett. HeritageCommendation—1847 Heritage Vineyard, Jacobs Creek, by Hassell.

InteriorAwards (2)—UniSA Kaurna Building by John Wardle Architects and Hassell, architects in association 10; Leed Engineering and Construction by Grieve Gillett 11.

Commendations (3)—Air Apartments by TECTVS; Hassell Studio by Hassell; Colour Bar Hairdressers by Studio 9 Architects. Sustainable ArchitectureAwards (2)—Professional Design Offices by Swanbury Penglase Architects 12; Heij Residence by Energy Architecture 13.

Commendations (4)—Zero Waste SA Office Fitout by Jackman Parken Evans; Frommer/Sved House by Max Pritchard Architect; Lyell McEwin Hospital Redevelopment Stage A by Cheesman Architects; Wostikow Residence by Stafford Architects. Collaborative DesignCommendation—Lyell McEwin Hospital Redevelopment Stage A by Cheesman Architects. Colorbond Award—Transportable Module: Secure Bicycle Storage for the University of Adelaide by Tridente Architects 14. Commendation—House Awerbuch by Anton Johnson Architect.

New Buildings
Tony Zappia, Lolita Mohyla, Alec Tzannes, Andrew Vorrasi.
Sue Phillips, Simon Best, Michael Sexton,Sue Rogers.
John Morphett, Mladen Zujic, David Smith, Jim Jovanovic.
Urban Design/Heritage
John Schenk, John Galluccio, Elaine Davies, Alan Faunt, Catherine Clifton.
Sustainable/Collaborative Design
John Walter, Steve Herbert, Andrew Tidswell, Kirsty Kelly.
Christine Teichert, Greg Butcher, Mark Wiltshire, Tony Myers.



Published online: 1 Jul 2006


Architecture Australia, July 2006

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