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RAIA State Awards - Queensland, Victoria

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The second instalment of state awards in the lead-up to the RAIA National Awards, to be held at the Millennium Library, Brisbane, on 26 October.

 1      Queensland,         Image: Chris Stacey

1  Queensland,   Image: Chris Stacey

 2   Queensland,        Image: Brent Hardcastle

2  Queensland,   Image: Brent Hardcastle

 3    Queensland,         Image: Richard Stringer

3  Queensland,   Image: Richard Stringer

 4    Queensland,        Image: Jon Linkins

4  Queensland,   Image: Jon Linkins

 5    Queensland,       Image: Shaun Lockyer

5  Queensland,   Image: Shaun Lockyer

 6     Queensland,        Image: Jon Linkins

6  Queensland,   Image: Jon Linkins

 7    Queensland,       Image: David Sandison

7  Queensland,   Image: David Sandison

 8     Queensland,           Image: Rodney James Mattler

8  Queensland,   Image: Rodney James Mattler

 9     Queensland,         Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

9  Queensland,   Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

 10     Queensland,        Image: Lachlan Nielsen

10  Queensland,   Image: Lachlan Nielsen

 11    Queensland,        Image: David Campbell

11  Queensland,   Image: David Campbell

 12     Queensland,          Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

12  Queensland,   Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

 13     Queensland,         Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

13  Queensland,   Image: Aperture Architectural Photography

 14     Queensland,       Image: Jon Linkins

14  Queensland,   Image: Jon Linkins

 15    Queensland,        Image: Michael Clarkson

15  Queensland,   Image: Michael Clarkson

 16     Queensland,          Image: Chris Stacey

16  Queensland,   Image: Chris Stacey

 17     Queensland,          Image: Gary tischer

17  Queensland,   Image: Gary tischer

 18     Queensland,          Image: Mark Grimwade

18  Queensland,   Image: Mark Grimwade

 19     Queensland,         Image: Thiess

19  Queensland,   Image: Thiess

 20     Queensland,         Image: James Birrell

20  Queensland,   Image: James Birrell


Institutional FDG Stanley Award —James & Mary Emelia Mayne Centre by Wilson Architects 01. Awards (2)—Sir James Foots Building by Wilson Architects 02; James & Mary Emelia Mayne Centre by Wilson Architects 03.

Commendation—St Stephen’s Cathedral Northern Development by Conrad Gargett Architecture. ResidentialRobin Dods Award— Brookes Street House by James Russell Architect 04. Awards – Individual (3)—Ballandean House by Arkhefield 05; Brookes Street House by James Russell Architect 06; Gully House by Bligh Voller Nield in association with Daniel R.

Fox 07. Commendation—M.T. House by Shane Denman Designs. Awards – Multiple (2)—Air by Ian Moore Architects 08; Viridian Residences by John Mainwaring and Associates 09.

Commendations (2)—Q1 by Sunland Design Group and Innovarchi (tower podium); Warry Street Residences by Cox Rayner Architects.

Awards – Alterations and Additions (2)—Violet Street House by James Russell Architect 10; Machans Beach House by Deborah Fisher Architect 11. Commendation—Shroud House by Phorm A + D and Carroll Go-Sam.

CommercialBeatrice Hutton Awards (2)—Byron at Byron Resort and Spa by Haysom Architects 12; 61 Brookes Street by Phillips Smith Conwell Architects 13. Commendation—Deka Showroom by Cottee Parker Architects. Interior ArchitectureAward—UQ Chemistry Building Lab Fitout Levels 5 and 6 West – 7 and 10 West by m3architecture 14. Commendation—Boe Lawyers by Richard Kirk Architect. Urban DesignAward—Roma Street Parkland by Malcolm Middleton Architects on behalf of PARC Consultants (DEM Design/Gillespies Australia/Landplan/Civitas) 15. Conservation Award—James & Mary Emelia Mayne Centre by Wilson Architects 16. Sustainable ArchitectureHarry Marks Award—Nanna’s Verandah by Jeremy Salmon Architect 17. Art and Architecture Award—Government Office Building – 33 Charlotte Street: Art Built-in by Project Services (Queensland Government) 18.

Colorbond Steel Award—Lavarack Barracks Redevelopment Stage 3 (precinct planning and office accommodation) by Bligh Voller Nield 19.

25 Year Award—James Cook University Library, Douglas Campus, Townsville, by James Birrell 20.


Paul Fairweather, Wayne Petrie, Peter Skinner, Tim Ditchfield, Amanda Horswill, Rosemary Kennedy, Antony Moulis, Philip Bacon, Peter Harvey, Ian Charton, Bill Conrad

1 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

1 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

2 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

2 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

3 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

3 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

4 Victoria, > Image: Trevor Mein”
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        <p class=4 Victoria, > Image: Trevor Mein

5 >Victoria,  Image: Trevor Mein”
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        <p class=5 >Victoria,  Image: Trevor Mein

6 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

6 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

7 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

7 Victoria,  Image: Peter Bennetts

8 Victoria,  Image: Jeremy The

8 Victoria,  Image: Jeremy The

9 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

9 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

10 Victoria,  Image: Earl Carter

10 Victoria,  Image: Earl Carter

11 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

11 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

12 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

12 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

13 Victoria, nbsp;Image: Shannon McGrath

13 Victoria, nbsp;Image: Shannon McGrath

14 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

14 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

15 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

15 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

16 Victoria, > Image: Peter Bennetts”
                height=”100” />
        <p class=16 Victoria, > Image: Peter Bennetts

17 Victoria,  Image: Hari Ho

17 Victoria,  Image: Hari Ho

18 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

18 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

19 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

19 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

20 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

20 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

21 Victoria,  Image: Christian Capurro

21 Victoria,  Image: Christian Capurro

22 Victoria,  Image: Dianna Snape

22 Victoria,  Image: Dianna Snape

23 Victoria,  Image: Rhiannon Slatter

23 Victoria,  Image: Rhiannon Slatter

24 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

24 Victoria,  Image: Shannon McGrath

25 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

25 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings

26 Victoria,  Image: Trevor Mein

26 Victoria,  Image: Trevor Mein



28 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings 2003 (Wolfgang Sievers 1959)

28 Victoria,  Image: John Gollings 2003 (Wolfgang Sievers 1959)


Victorian Architecture Medal—Yve Apartments by Wood Marsh Architecture 01. InstitutionalWilliam Wardell Award—Australian Wildlife Health Centre by Minifie Nixon 02. Awards – New (3)—BHP Billiton Platypusary by Cassandra Complex 03; Deakin University, Central Precinct Project, Burwood, by H2o Architects 04; Luciano Rossetti Mausoleum by Harmer Architecture 05. Award – Alterations and Extensions—Memorial Hall, Melbourne Grammar School, by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 06. ResidentialHarold Desbrowe- Annear Award—Yve Apartments by Wood Marsh Architecture 07. Awards – New (3)—New House – Blairgowrie by Kerstin Thompson Architects 08; Cave House by McBride Charles Ryan 09; St Andrews Beach House by Sean Godsell Architects 10. Award – Multiple—River Street Townhouses by Jackson Clements Burrows 11. Award – Alterations and Extensions—Warehouse Conversion, Ascot Vale, by Janet McGaw Architect 12. CommercialSir Osborn McCutcheon Award—The Urban Workshop by John Wardle Architects, Hassell and NHArchitecture in joint venture 13. Awards – Alterations and Extensions (2)—Melbourne Central by Ashton Raggatt McDougall 14; Husk Collins Street by Cassandra Complex 15.

HeritageJohn George Knight Award—South Melbourne Town Hall facades restoration and mansard roof reconstruction by RBA Architects + Conservation Consultants 16. Award—St Kilda Pier Kiosk and Café by Lovell Chen 17.

Urban DesignJoseph Reed Award—Craigieburn Bypass by Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer and Robert Owen 18. Award— The Urban Workshop by John Wardle Architects, Hassell and NHArchitecture in joint venture 19. InteriorMarion Mahony Award— The Urban Workshop by John Wardle Architects, Hassell and NHArchitecture in joint venture 20. Award—White Noise by Studio 505 21. Colorbond Steel Award—Building G, Chisholm Institute – Dandenong Campus, by Cox Architects and Planners 22. Sustainable ArchitectureAward—40 Albert Road by SJB Architects 23. Melbourne Prizes (2)—The Urban Workshop by John Wardle Architects, Hassell and NHArchitecture in joint venture 24; Melbourne Central by Ashton Raggatt McDougall 25. Regional Prizes (2)—Latrobe University Visual Arts Centre by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design 26; Huski by Elenberg Fraser Architecture 27. 25 Year Award—Robin Boyd House II by Grounds Romberg & Boyd 28.

Peter Maddison (chair)
Institutional – New
Rob McBride, Jill Garner, Tim Shannon, Kevin Murray
Institutional – Alterations and Extensions
Peter Carmichael, Neil Masterton, Stuart Harrison, Gideon Obarzanek
Residential – New
Reno Rizzo, Tim O’Sullivan, David Luck, Miranda Tay
Residential – Multiple
Shane Murray, Chris de Campo, Marika Neustupny, Richard Henderson
Residential – Alterations and Extensions
Louise Wright, Corbett Lyon, Jesse Judd, Sally Macindoe
Zahava Elenberg, Peter Crone, Rowan Opat, Andrew McConnell
Roger Poole, Robert Simeoni, Bruce Trethowan, Robert Owen
Philip Harmer, Tom Jordan, James Legge, Robert Buckingham
Sustainable Architecture
Rob McGauran, Natasha Palich, Cameron Lyon, Sean Sweeney
Urban Design
Tony Styant-Browne, Leanne Zilka, David Andrew, Jason Smith
Colorbond Steel Award
Peter Bickle, Ingrid Donald, Michael Leeton, Andrew Kiloni
Melbourne Prize
Craig Rossetti, Julie Willis, Des Smith, Mark Haycox
Regional Prize
Kai Chen, Stephen Javens, Vanessa Mooney, Peter Boyle
Bates Smart Award
Roger Poole, Nigel Bertram, Keith Streames, Naomi Stead



Published online: 1 Sep 2006


Architecture Australia, September 2006

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