Blum Expando from Clip top Blumotion

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Clip top Blumotion Expando 95° profile hinge.

Clip top Blumotion Expando 95° profile hinge.

The Blum Expando range from Clip top Blumotion provides systems that allow hinges and front fixing brackets to be fitted into pre-drilled holes more quickly, when using a CNC or nesting machine.

It eliminates the need to use a knock-in ram to insert the hardware, as the hardware is screwed in and the expanding dowels fasten it into the material. This means there are no gaps once it is installed. Cabinet fronts can be stacked without the hardware damaging finished parts and fittings can quickly be installed at a later stage of production.

The new Expando range consists of:

  • 95° Profile Clip top Blumotion
  • 95° Blind Corner Clip top Blumotion
  • 155° Zero Protrusion Clip top
  • Aventos HK-S front fixing bracket
  • Aventos HS/HL/HK front-fixing bracket.

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