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BrandBase Pallet

For the temporary Amsterdam office of ad agency BrandBase, Most Architecture from Rotterdam opted for the material as a starting point instead of the space.

A temporary, authentic and recyclable office is what creative director Marvin Pupping of BrandBase asked for. “We like to use the charisma of our office in the way we deal with clients,” he says. “We always try to make the most out of nothing. We’re always looking for smart and innovative solutions.” Paul Geurts and Saxon-Lear Duckworth of Most Architecture translated that briefing into an informal and open office concept using one of the most affordable and widely available materials - the pallet - as a starting point.

“Normally an interior designer starts by looking at the possibilities of the space,” explains Geurts. “But that was our second step. We first explored the characteristics of the pallets.” The design team soon found out the pallets suited human measurements perfectly. “A pile of five pallets is the correct height for a desk, and two pallets on top of each other make a great step,” says Duckworth. Two-hundred and seventy pallets were used in all.

The temporary character of the office did not just lead to the choice for pallets, but also had influences on the finishing of the interior. Besides making the wood smoother and adding a glass tabletop, Most Architecture didn’t do much more. For example, they didn’t even try to hide the black electricity cables. “It was impossible,” says Geurts, “so we decided to ‘celebrate’ the cables. They are part of the design and create that informal atmosphere we wanted.”

In order to meet the users’ needs, Most Architecture asked BrandBase employees to participate in the process. They opened a Facebook account so staff could follow the progress and vote if decisions were to be made. “When we had to select a colour for the logo on the front door, we asked our staff to choose between white and gold. They went for white,” says Duckworth.
The designers and staff also talked about the light plan, the dynamics, the atmosphere, the storage space and the office culture. The desire to work in an informal and creative environment resulted in the multifunctional purpose of the pallets. Because of the way they are stacked, they invite users to stand, sit or even lie on them. The structure doesn’t dictate, it facilitates.

But the effect of the pallets is not just practical - it also creates an eye-catching interior for visitors. When they enter the office, they walk on a pallet stage, then mount a pallet staircase and eventually arrive at the pallet boardroom. “Most of our clients tell us they think the office is exactly like us. They say they didn’t expect anything less from BrandBase,” says Pupping.

The collaboration between Most Architecture and BrandBase was so satisfying, both parties decided to cooperate in the future. They will start a joint venture to offer companies full packages - not just an ad campaign or an interior, but everything together. Under the name of BrandBuildings they will soon offer pallet interiors for other companies too. Think of it, a fashion designer might be delighted with a pallet decor for a runway show!


Design practice
Most Architecture
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Site details
Location Brouwersgracht 246,  Amsterdam,  Netherlands
Site type Urban
Category Interiors
Type Workplace
Project Details
Status Built
Client Brandbase
Website brandbase.nl



Published online: 1 Mar 2011
Words: Merel Kokhuis
Images: Rogier Jaarsma


Artichoke, March 2011

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