Brickworks introduce new lightweight, low carbon cement boards

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Brickworks' new Inex Boards.

Brickworks’ new Inex Boards. Image: Tom Ross

Brickworks’ new Inex Boards – lightweight, low carbon cement boards – offer an alternative to fibre cement and plasterboard products.

A low carbon cement with approximately 40 percent of the embodied energy of other cements and compromising of over 60 percent recycled industrial materials, the boards offer an environmentally friendly alternative to fibre cements and plasterboards. 

For builders and developers, Inex Boards come in a range of options including, decking, flooring and walling. All products within the range are fire, acoustic, water and impact resistant. 

Inex Boards offer multiple finishes, textures and colours, from ‘polished concrete’ to a timber finish.

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