Classroom acoustics improved with CSR Ecophon ceiling tiles in Holy Family Primary School

The western Sydney based Holy Family Primary School now has improved acoustics after the school installed CSR Ecophon ceiling tiles in its flexible learning spaces.

Good acoustics are crucial for students to be able to focus and hear their lessons. With flexible learning spaces it is especially important as there is the potential for a number of different activites to be happening at the same time.

In the Holy Family Primary School, Glanville Architects specified Ecophon ceiling tiles which were retrofitted into the old classrooms. Carpets, pin boards, desks, cupboards and soft furnishings also help to control the noise in the classrooms.

Ecophon ceiling tiles can be installed directly with screws and adhesive or into a ceiling grid as lay-in tiles. Directly adhering the panels to an existing ceiling means that there is minimal loss of height to the room. The panels are manufactured from high-density glasswool and are free of allergens, perfume and other irritating substances.

Ecophon is a producer of a wide range of cutting edge acoustic solutions and has been for more than fifty years.

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