Draw Me a House

Draw Me a House by Thibaud Herem.

Hands up if as a child you spent hours drawing little box houses with cross windows and winding paths that led to gardens full of flowers. Maybe you drew castles or water fountains? Or designed chairs with five legs and lamps that curved like snakes? Draw Me a House is an interactive colouring book for those little architects and designers who strive to get the angle on the roof of their box house just right. The book – which is also a lot of fun for budding adult architects and anyone interested in the built environment – takes readers on a journey across time and around the world. From designing a flat for your granny to drawing a new top on the Chrysler building and learning about famous chair designs, this book will get you back in touch with your inner child. Let your imagination run wild!

Thibaud Herem, Thames and Hudson, 2012, pp 208, rrp $25.95.

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