Material palette: Fox Johnston

The team from Fox Johnston chooses materials, products and textures that complement the intricacies of each individual project.

Bocci light

The elegance and handcrafted nature of this light complements the use of natural materials in Fox Johnston’s projects.

Zinc Link copper cladding.

Zinc Link copper cladding.

Zinc Link copper cladding

Once exposed to the elements, copper changes over time. This, and the way it can wrap around many forms, attracted Fox Johnston to the material.

Face bricks.

Face bricks.

Face bricks

The mixed texture of the bricks creates a beautiful contrast to aluminium or timber, as seen here at the Kensington House.

Recycled blackbutt

The texture and feel of this timber, from Australian Architectural Hardwoods, reveal the rich history of each piece.

Natural stone cladding

Onyx marble.

Onyx marble.

Supplied by Cubic Metre, this stone has a richness and diversity of colour and texture.

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Onyx marble

The colours of this stone work well with timber, copper and other stone, as seen here at the Chinaman’s Beach House.

Castore suspension light

The luminescence creates a beautiful glow and can be used as task and mood lighting.

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Published online: 25 Jan 2012


Houses, April 2011

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