On top of the world: Himalayan mountain hut design competition

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Himalayan mountain hut architecture competition.

Himalayan mountain hut architecture competition. Image: Courtesy HMMD

The search is on for innovative architectural designs for a Himalayan mountain hut, to be sited along the trekking trails of Nepal in the world’s tallest mountain range.

Competition organiser HMMD is working in cooperation with Samarth - Nepal Market Development Programme to solicit design ideas for the mountain hut.

The competition brief calls for unique and inventive designs for a building that will shelter up to twenty people for one week in all weather conditions. With no fixed site, the design should be flexible and applicable to various locations along the trekking trails. The building will also need to respond to extreme elements including heat, cold, wind, rain and snow. As well, the design should adapt to the construction and maintenance constraints for a site at high altitude in the remote areas of Nepal with limited access to resources.

Three winners will share in a total prize pool of US$5,000 with the first, second and third prizes awarded $3,000, $1,500, $500 respectively. The winners and six honourable mentions will be submitted for consideration to Samarth - Nepal Market Development Programme, which is committed to building the first mountain hut in 2015.

Further information and submission details here. Early bird registrations close 21 January 2015. Submissions close 10 April and winners will be announced 29 April, 2015.

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