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More and more in our cities – and online – individuals are getting together to share their collective voice. And although it is expressed in many ways, overwhelmingly, the shared sentiment is one of community and empathy.

The homes in this issue show that architecture can play a part in supporting the things we truly value – whether it be a connection to neighbourhood, exemplified by the generous terraced streetfront at Cantala Ave House by ME; the desire to acknowledge culture and the historical complexities of a place, expressed by Studio Bright in its Ruckers Hill House; or the need to make flexible spaces that can support our ageing relatives, like those at Ballast Point House by Fox Johnston.

These are more than residential buildings; they are civic gestures that embody our desire to live in a connected, socially and environmentally responsible way. Homes like this show that small efforts designed with a shared ethos can transform our suburbs in a way that reflects our common ambitions.

Gemma Savio, editor

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Published online: 30 Mar 2020
Words: Gemma Savio
Images: Benjamin Hosking, Brett Boardman, Christopher Frederick Jones, Earl Carter, Ingvar Kenne, Rory Gardiner


Houses, April 2020

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