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We often talk about the house as a refuge, a place for respite, replenishment and calm. But our homes are also places for activity, harbouring spaces for creativity, industriousness and collaboration with our families. Whether it be baking a cake together, tending the garden or playing games on the living room floor, these pastimes spent with the people we love colour our day-to-day.

It was a delight to see this first hand when I visited Kindred by Panov Scott Architects, where the home was designed to meet the desires of three generations who each enjoy their independence, but a shared garden allows the entire family to come together and catch up on the day.

The houses in this issue show how good design can expand the opportunities for activity and interaction in our homes. Sunny swimming pools, a double-height library full of books with well-turned pages, a tennis court replete with subtle landscaped bleachers, and garden “wilds” – these are spaces dedicated to recreation that encourage us to rethink what we want our homes to be.

Gemma Savio, editor

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Published online: 27 May 2020
Words: Gemma Savio
Images: Brett Boardman, Derek Swalwell, Jack Lovel, Katherine Lu, Rory Gardiner


Houses, June 2020

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