Housing Design: A Manual

Housing Design: A Manual by Bernard Leupen and Harald Mooij.

Housing Design: A Manual is the English translation of the second edition of Het ontwerpen van woningen (originally published in Dutch). While its focus is the design of houses in the Netherlands, this book is a useful resource for housing designers around the world. Topics such as dwelling as a phenomenon, typology, spatial development and the context in which dwellings are designed are addressed through a bank of research that includes case studies, plans and photos. The use of two font colours distinguishes project reviews from general debate. A foreword by Dick van Gameren, chair of housing design at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, emphasizes the importance of this manual to an international exchange of knowledge that will benefit architects worldwide.

Bernard Leupen and Harald Mooij (NAi Publishers, 2011) pp 448, rrp $89.00

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