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Institute launches national survey of novation

The Australian Institute of Architects has commenced a national survey of its members that will examine the effects of the procurement model known as Design, Novate, Construct (DNC).

“Novation is an increasingly problematic issue that is adversely impacting not only architects, but other practitioners in the building and construction industry as well as consumers,” Amy Muir, Victorian chapter president told ArchitectureAU in a statement.

“The adverse effects are being felt more and more by larger practices, while also trickling down to small and medium practices.

“The loss of consistency across practices regarding novation, the altered contractual relationship with clients and a host of other changes have meant that we no longer enjoy a global understanding of the standards associated with the delivery of a project.”

The purpose of the survey is to gather the data needed for the Institute to engage in discussions with government, clients and other key stakeholders.

“The Institute believes that reform is needed to ensure quality in the construction process once again becomes the priority,” Muir continued.

In addition, the Institute intends to conduct wide-reaching research on the topic with the assistance of universities. It has commenced conversations with Monash University, the University of Melbourne and RMIT University.

“We anticipate that this would encompass engagements with a wide variety of built environment stakeholders including contractors, sub-consultants and clients to comprehensively identify where novation is deficient,” Muir said.

“Together these two important pieces of research will provide the foundation for evidence-based action.”

The member survey will conclude on 18 April.

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