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Italian-made bricks for Australian conditions

Drawing on its European heritage, the San Selmo brick range from Austral Bricks offers three new collections to the Australian market.

Manufactured in Italy using traditional kiln-firing techniques, these high-quality clay bricks combine curated colour palettes with an elegant selection of textures and finishes.

The range comprises three distinctive brick collections – San Selmo Reclaimed, San Selmo Smoked and San Selmo Corso.

San Selmo Reclaimed bricks feature a beautiful tactile surface inspired by recycled bricks, are kiln-fired in Italy, and are available in three sizes – solid, facing and corner-facing.

The second collection is San Selmo Smoked. These bricks offer a subtle tonal palette designed specifically for contemporary architectural projects. The range is characterised by an elegant and carefully graduated selection of colours – from the pale hues of Grey Cashmere and Cloudy Silver through to the steely blue-greys of Wild Storm and Opaque Slate. The San Selmo Smoked collection is designed for external use in residential or commercial projects.

Finally, there is San Selmo Corso, a range of elegant clay bricks available in smooth raw finish or the tactile textured finish. Made to order in Italy, the sleek new-format shape is twice the standard brick length. San Selmo Corso colelction comes in six carefully curated colours, from the moody charcoal of Piave, to the dove grey Livenza and the pristine ivory of Brenta.

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