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Kitchens + Bathrooms 14 preview

In the home, no two spaces are as strongly inscribed with the patterns of daily life as the kitchen and bathroom. These are hubs in which regular chores take place, where we can unwind and ease the day’s stresses, or in the case of the kitchen, where we connect with friends and family over a shared meal. It makes sense for their design to reflect the personalities of the homeowners – with colours, special nooks and functionality crafted to nourish a sense of self and support what it means for the individual to feel “at home.” Created by Australia’s leading architects and designers, the projects in this issue of Houses: Kitchens & Bathrooms are infused with the character of the people who inhabit them.

Here are just two examples of the diverse projects showcased by Houses: Kitchens & Bathrooms 14. Amber Road has renovated an apartment for a client who is embarking on a new chapter in life. Among the richly patterned elements is the ensuite basin – its pink terrazzo a nod to the client’s pink-framed spectacles. Kennon Studio has taken a different approach with Spanish Mission House. The restrained black-and-white scheme is designed to provide an elegant framework for the homeowner’s own powerfully coloured artworks.

Full of new ideas for kitchens and bathrooms with personality, this issue is sure to inspire the creation of your own spaces for self expression.

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Published online: 28 Jun 2019
Words: Stephanie McGann
Images: Caitlin Mills, Christopher Frederick Jones, Felix Forest, Katherine Lu, Luc Remond, Tom Blachford


Houses: Kitchens + Bathrooms, June 2019

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