LeAmon launches Ricotta lamp

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Ricotta by Simone LeAmon.

Ricotta by Simone LeAmon.

Simone LeAmon, in partnership with Rakumba, launched her new product on Friday night in Sydney. A designer of repute and winner of many prestigious awards, the versatile LeAmon has once again designed a creative and beautiful product, this time a standard lamp. The lamp consists of two large drum shapes made of wire. The inner drum is covered with hand-pleated cotton fabric and the outer, a wire cage, encases the first.

Ricotta is at once a statement piece in size but elegant in design. Each lamp has a white shade that can be complemented with a variety of colours for the base that include white, black and chartreuse. As to how Ricotta received it’s name? LeAmon says the Italian ladies who hand pleat the shades all agreed that the finished object looked very much like the basket that holds ricotta cheese, and so, the lamp was christened Ricotta. This is not the first collaboration between LeAmon and Rakumba, and it’s a fine partnership.

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