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I read with interest the letters from Robert Blackmore, Jennifer Taylor and Mark Willett regarding the responsibility for the original concept design for Darling Harbour in Sydney (Architecture Australia vol 96 no 4, July/August 2007). These contributors and other readers might be interested to note the comprehensive chapter “Darling Harbour: A new city precinct” by the late Barry Young in my edited book The Design of Sydney (Law Book Company, 1988). Young gives credit to the Ferris Norton, Cox and Corkhill consortium for the earlier 1983 plan prepared for the Premier’s Department and Department of Environment and Planning, as well as a number of preceding proposals from 1971 onwards. In developing the urban form of a city, life is never simple.

Professor Peter Webber


Geoff Hanmer, Managing Director of WHP Architects/Arina, advises us that WHP was omitted from the credits for the UNSW Law Building by Lyons (Architecture Australia vol 96 no 4, July/August 2007).

He tells us that WHP and UNSW Planning and Development were jointly responsible for the (then controversial) site selection. WHP wrote the competition brief and managed the process that selected Lyons as the architect. WHP was also responsible for the functional brief and provided design management up to the completion of documentation.

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