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26-28 June, Sydney
Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia (AASA) 2000 Conference: Architectural Education for the 21st Century.
Contact: Professor Gary Moore.
Ph 02 9351 5924. Fax 02 9351 5665.
Email: gtmoore@arch.usyd.edu.au

28 June-2 July, Sydney
Architecture 2000. RAIA’s National Convention.
Olympic site and Sydney city tours, an outstanding lineup of 12 international keynote speakers, exciting social calendar, exhibitions and more.
Ph: 02 9262 4211. Fax: 02 9262 4255.
Email: 2000@raia.com.au
URL: http://www.raia.com.au/2000/

16-19 July, Melbourne
Interbuild Australia and Tilex 2000, the country’s largest building and design exhibition.
Ph: 03 9261 3004. Fax: 03 9261 4545.
Email: interbuild@ausexhibit.com.au
URL: http://www.ausexhibit.com.au/ interbuild/

26-28 July, Canberra
Facility Management Association of Australia National Conference.
Ph: 03 9620 1100. Fax: 03 9620 1122.
Email: national@fma.com.au

12-13 August, Brisbane
RAIA Qld Chapter Winter School: Queensland-the smart design state. If not, why not and what if we could start again?
Ph: 07 3220 1788. Fax: 07 3220 1755.
Email: psarch@bigpond.com.au

23-29 August, Alice Springs
9th International National Trust Conference.
Ph: 02 6247 6766. Fax: 02 6249 1395.
Email: acnt@spirit.com.au
URL: http://www.austnattrust.com.au

26 August-2 September
University of Canberra-30 Years-Making the Difference, a week of public celebrations acknowledging the contributions of UC and CCAE graduates to the community and business.
Ph: 02 6201 5086. Fax: 02 6201 5091.
Email: cma@foundation.canberra.edu.au

5-9 September, Perth
Habitus 2000: a sense of place.
Ph: 08 9332 2900. Fax: 08 9332 2911.
Email: promaco@promaco.com.au
URL: http://www.promaco.com.au/ conferences

16-19 October, Armidale
Practice Management & Development: two specialised programs for Architects, Engineers and Surveyors.
Contact FMRC Business Development Pty Ltd
Ph: 6771 4449. Fax: 6772 4621.
Email focus@fmrcbusdev.com.au
URL: http://www.fmrcbusdev.com.au
1 June-31 October, Germany
Expo 2000: Visions for the future of homes in the 21st Century. An exhibition of works presented within the scope of an international competition for students of architecture and urban planning.
Ph: +49 511 280 960. Fax: +49 511 280 9619.
Email: AKN-Nds@T-Online.de
URL: http://www.expo2000.de

11-14 June, Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Seminar in Architecture: reinventing space: beyond the boundaries of the twentieth century.
Ph: +972 3 512 0000. Fax: +972 3 514 0077.
Email: jsa@kenes.com or
URL: http://www.jersemar.org.il

22-24 June, Germany
UIA Work Program, Science and Hi-Tech Campus in the Urban Context.
Ph: +49 3027 879927. Fax: +49 3027 879915.
Email: BDA@BauNetz.de

23-26 August, South Africa
Interbuild Africa 2000. The building, plumbing and property exhibition.
Ph: +27 11 835 1565. Fax: +27 11 496 1161.
Email: specialised@specialised.com
URL: http://www.specialised.com

22-25 October, Netherlands
Sustainable Building 2000 will cover environmental performance issues, strategic response to climatic change and more.
Fax: +31 46 452 8260.
Email: SB2000@novem.nl
URL: http://www.novem.nl/sb2000

Future Vision Housing
What will ‘housing’ mean in the future? What consequences will result from changed premises? What a new culture of everyday life could look like? These are the central issues of the competition which also invites critical reflections on these themes.
Open to architects 35 or younger.
Ph: +43 732 711701. Fax: +43 732 711701.
Email: aaf.ooe@net4you.co.at

World Habitat Awards
A call for outstanding human settlement projects.
£20,000 prize money. Preliminary submissions due 1 July 2000.
Ph: +44 1530 510 444.
Fax: +44 1530 510 332.
Email: BSHF@compuserve.com
URL: http://www.bshf.org/

The Gregory Design Awards
Office on the Move-A design challenge is the theme for this year’s awards.
Entries close 31 July 2000.
Ph: 02 9555 9412. Fax: 02 9555 9564.
Email: edf@edf.edu.au
URL: http://www.edf.au.design_awards
DuPont Antron® Design Awards
Recognising outstanding commercial architectural and design projects completed
between 1 June 1997 and 31 May 2000 that use carpets made from Antron® Carpet Fibre.
$26,000 to be won. Entries close 9 June 2000.
Ph: 1800 502 225 (Aust).
Ph: 0800 4 DUPONT (NZ).

Excellence on the Waterfront
This awards program gives recognition to outstanding work that creatively tackles the conversion of abandoned or outmoded waterfront territory to constructive use. Entry deadline July 1.
Ph: +1 202 337 0356. Fax: +1 202 625 1654.
Email: mail@waterfrontcenter.org
URL: http://www.waterfrontcenter.org/ awards.html

Two Centuries of Architecture in the Netherlands
Presented by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the RAIA.
This extensive exhibition covers the most
influential Dutch architects of the last 200 years.
23 June-4 August, RAIA ‘Tusculum’ 3 Manning St, Potts Point.

Light House
16 first class examples of lightweight houses from around Australia, each by a different architect, such as Glenn Murcutt, Richard Leplastrier, Gabriel Poole, Peter Stutchbury and more. Displayed as 2D photographic works with descriptive text and models.
28 June-2 July, Darling Harbour Convention
Centre, Sydney.

Venice Biennale 2000
The 7th International Exhibition of Architecture.
The Australian Pavilion features Lyons’ installation ‘City of Fiction, 1999’, exploring their current thinking about architectural practice.
18 June-29 October 2000.
Ph: 03 9754 4868. Fax: 03 9754 9754 1868.
Email: pan@werple.net.au
URL: http://labiennale.com/

Calendar is compiled by the RAIA National Office as a service for members. If you require more information about any of the above events, please contact the event organisers directly by using the contact details supplied for each event.
If you have a conference, exhibition, workshop or other event you wish to publicise, please contact Jo Metcalfe:
Ph 02 6273 1548. Fax 02 6273 1953.
Email: jom@raia.com.au
The RAIA’s Web site can be found at http://www.raia.com.au



Published online: 1 May 2000


Architecture Australia, May 2000

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