Living Edge introduce La Chance products to showrooms nationally

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Toy vase by Guillaume Delvigne.

Toy vase by Guillaume Delvigne.

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Cymbal pendant by La Chance.

Cymbal pendant by La Chance.

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Ronin chair by Frederik Werner and Emil Lagoni Valbak.

Ronin chair by Frederik Werner and Emil Lagoni Valbak.

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Zorro coffee table by Nots Design Studio.

Zorro coffee table by Nots Design Studio.

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To coincide with one of La Chance’s founders Jean-Baptiste Souletie’s visit to Australia this month, Living Edge has introduced a number of new products to its showrooms nationally.

Jean-Baptiste will be in Australia to share the brand’s journey and unique approach to design.

With celebrated names such as Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller, PROOFF, BD Barcelona, BassamFellows and La Chance among its collection, Living Edge selects each design for its ability to enhance the Australian way of life.

Toy vase by Guillaume Delvigne

Made from a fusion of traditional and modern techniques and materials, such as brown glass, industrosl flat glass and F printing on glass, Toy is a sculptural case from French designer Guillaume Delvigne. Its various elements interact to create colour combinations, distortions, patterns and intriguing reflections.

Cymbal pendant by La Chance

Made of two fine metal cymbal-shaped discs, the Cymbal pendant has a strong and sophisticated form that references classic Scandinavian designs. The round light bulb creates the structure of the pendant and the discs diffuse atmospheric light in all directions.

Ronin chair by Frederik Werner and Emil Lagoni Valbak

The Ronin chair, which was originally designed as a school project, is inspired by Japanese construction methods and based on Danish traditions in craftsmanship. Its backrest draws a subtle reference to a samurai helmet the arch of a samurai sword and its strength comes from interlocking batons of timber.

Zorro coffee table by Nots Design Studio

The Z structure of Zorro, a graphic coffee table from Sweden’s Note Design Studio, supports two overlapping trays, which subtly reflect one another. Made from steel, marble and reflective glass, Zorro’s design evokes lightness and movement.

X-ray sofa by Alain Gilles

X-ray combines the comfort of a traditional sofa with a modern design. Designed by Belgian designer Alain Gilles, X-ray is made from a steel frame that supports luxurious foam and goose cushions. Its simplicity comes from the unorthodox method Gilles uses to maximise style and comfort – he x-rays a conventional couch and takes the skeleton to sculpt a sophisticated interpretation.

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