Material palette: Collins and Turner

Residential projects by Collins and Turner Architects employ a palette of refined finishes and fixtures.

Naoto Fukasawa tapware

Naoto Fukasawa’s minimalistic wall-mount mixer and spout offer new possibilities for bathroom design by reducing the visual forms of the tapware and allowing an emphasis on the spaces themselves. (from Rogerseller)

Reclaimed oregon.

Reclaimed oregon.

Image: Richard Glover

Reclaimed oregon

Oregon is a distinctive straight-grained softwood that grows to a remarkable height, allowing for the manufacture of wide, solid boards that are both rustic and contemporary in appearance. Seen here in the Paddington House as flooring. (from AA Hardwoods)

FSB bronze and aluminium door hardware

Franz Schneider Brakel door hardware breaks with the tradition of stainless steel hardware and offers a range of new possibilities. Aluminum is softer and warmer to touch, and can be cast into shapes that aren’t possible with stainless steel. Aluminium can also be anodized into a range of colours. (from Halliday Baillie)

Pietra Antibes limestone.

Pietra Antibes limestone.

Image: Richard Glover

Pietra Antibes limestone

Pietra Antibes is a particularly hard-wearing European limestone with an unusually high quartz content. The hardness of the stone allows for some interesting custom details, such as the basins and Japanese-style bath at the Paddington Terrace. (from Oceanand Merchant)

Cubo Doccia showerhead

This showerhead has an integrated LED light source manufactured by Viabizzuno. The Cubo Doccia was used at the Kharkov House to create a semi-subterranean bathroom that explores a number of ideas for light and water in a space excavated directly out of rock. (from Viabizzuno)

Jill chair by Alfredo Häberli for Vitra.

Jill chair by Alfredo Häberli for Vitra.

Jill chair

This new piece by Alfredo Häberli for Vitra pays homage to the early days of moulded plywood furniture. It also updates the aesthetic by incorporating state-of-the-art plywood technology to create a more organic seat shell. (from Space)

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Published online: 3 Apr 2013
Images: Richard Glover


Houses, February 2013

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