Monier: Elemental Series

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Monier's Elemental Series was originally developed aerospace industry.

Monier’s Elemental Series was originally developed aerospace industry. Image: Courtesy of Monier

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Monier's Elemental Series in Inkstone.

Monier’s Elemental Series in Inkstone. Image: Courtesy of Monier

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Originally developed for the aerospace industry, Monier’s new range of roofing products, Elemental Series, is exceptionally strong and manufactured from an advanced fibre-reinforced engineered composite.

Monier’s Elemental Series in Inkstone. Image:  Courtesy of Monier

The material is five times lighter than concrete tukes and can withstand up to 300 kilograms of weight.

It offers a range of performance features including rust resistance, a UV colour fast coating system and a strong resilience against dent and impact damage and has been designed to withstand Australia’s climate conditions.

The Elemental Series can be customized to meet various project requirements and the product’s “click ‘n’ fit” system and lightweight make allows the tiles to be installed using existing tools and trades.

For further information visit the Monier website.

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