New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism

New Modern House: Redefining Functionalism by Jonathan Bell and Ellie Stathaki.

Most residential architecture can be categorized or labelled as being of a particular movement, style or genre. The New Modern House looks at what sits outside of these categories – those projects that don’t quite fit into a particular box, or which refuse to be labelled. The architecture explored is that which favours substance over style – functional design is combined with straightforward aesthetic. Images of the completed projects and the construction process are combined with plans, sections and working models to give an insight into the thinking behind the designs, and how they were brought to life. Featured projects include Permanent Camping by Casey Brown Architecture (Australia) and Mountain Chalet by EM2N (Switzerland).

Jonathan Bell and Ellie Stathaki, Laurence King Publishing, 2012, pp 240, RRP $39.95

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