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PGH Bricks introduces new large format Lang Mursten range

PGH Bricks and Pavers has introduced a new range of extra long clay bricks imported from Denmark.

The bricks are manufactured by one the largest brick makers in Scandinavia with more than 100 years of traditional brick-making expertise.

Lang Mursten, which means long brick in Danish are a range of long and thin bricks which measure 468mm long, 108mm wide and 38mm deep.

They are shaped with a special machine in a mould lubricated with water to stop the clay from sticking. The excess clay is then water struck from the top of the moulds which creates a textural patina in the final result.

The Lang Mursten range includes four colour ways, each named after famous Danish architects: Gehl, a charcoal colour; Lund, dark earthy hue with sandy tones; Larson, a pale grey with roughened textured finish; and Utzon, which incorporates warm shades of clay interspersed with cooler counterparts.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Gehl.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Gehl.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Larson.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Larson.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Lund.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Lund.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Utzon.

Lang Mursten large format brick in Utzon.

“For the high net worth client seeking a custom residential design, for many years it has been a dry pressed solid brick that has been used in design to best suit this segment,” says Jai Sanderson, general manager marketing for PGH Bricks and Pavers. “However we listened to our architects’ yearning desire for something new in brick to be creative with - something out of the ordinary.

“The Lang Mursten collection is our most luxurious brick range yet,” Sanderson continued. “Our team went beyond our shores to search globally for something that not only met the highest pinnacle of quality but also stood out as something uniquely different. We are thrilled to launch this new brick that is not only exceptionally elegant to design and build with, but delivers breathtaking colour and texture from the bespoke water-struck method of manufacture, creating an organically raw surface finish.”


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