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Smeg headquarters, Italy.

Smeg headquarters, Italy.

One of the highlights of visiting Italy for the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair was an invitation to visit the Smeg factories in Reggio Emilia. Thoughts of sleek design and innovation are a given when one talks about Smeg, but seeing the workmanship in action brings these to life. Knowing the origin of products is vital to understanding a company, and visiting the Smeg factories in Italy helped me to understand how Smeg produces its superior products.

Smeg’s modern factories are spotlessly clean, large and airy with clusters of greenery. Along with the people, there are state-of-the-art mechanics, robots and assembling components. The robotics are produced to Smeg’s requirements in northern Italy, the manufacturing hub of the country. Of course machines are only as good as the people who design and create them, and it is the people who make the difference on these factory lines. In one factory, five hundred people work to assemble and test ovens and cooktops. In another, washing machines and dishwashers are produced with integrity and precision. Each factory has a common thread: pride in workmanship and dedication to producing a superior products.

Smeg is not just a company producing high-quality products. The management team and workforce invest care and pride in the products they manufacture. Research and development is key to the success of the company and Smeg stongly invests in the creation of their world-class products, pairing superior design with innovation.

Smeg has a heart, cares for its workers and plans for the future. This company prides itself on producing superior products, and it has a work ethic to match.

Check out Smeg’s new FAB28 denim fridge, previewed at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair.

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