Vitamin Green

Vitamin Green.

Vitamin Green.

In a world where everywhere we turn there seems to be another vitamin supplement foisted upon us, Vitamin Green is definitely one you should add to your daily dose. This book is a powerful supplement for creativity and inspiration, showcasing over one hundred of the best contributions to sustainable design. The latest instalment in Phaidon’s series of medium-specific explorations (including Vitamin P on painting and Vitamin Ph on photography), Vitamin Green features products and projects nominated by architects, designers, curators, critics, writers and thinkers. An essay on the subject “design is a necessary good” offers some food for thought, and perusing the ensuing case studies offers process images, photography and detailed descriptions. The most appealing feature of Vitamin Green, whether you are using it for reference or inspiration, is the breadth of scales represented. From the now instantly-recognizable Freitag bags to SANAA’s Zollverein School, the practices and work presented in this book range from micro to macro – sometimes with unexpected commonality. Flicking through the pages reaffirms the incredible energy, vision and drive that exist around the world. What is also comforting is that although design studios are responsible for many of these noteworthy achievements and discoveries, the stories demonstrate that anyone with passion and motivation can make a difference. Vitamin Green acts as a “you are here” for sustainable design in the twenty-first century – what’s between the covers suggests that it won’t be too long before the next edition is required.

(Phaidon, 2012) 352 pp $89.95



Published online: 1 Sep 2012
Words: Jill Pope


Artichoke, September 2012

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