Workshop Guide: Atelier Oï

Workshop Guide: Atelier Oï by Renate Menzi

Swiss studio Atelier Oï operates strictly as a team of three or “troika” – each member brings complementary skills to the diverse projects. The studio’s designs transcend scale and application and its hands-on process and focus on materiality produces work that surprises and delights. This book lets Atelier Oï’s work speak for itself and showcases the diversity and detail evident in projects such as Les Danseuses and their own studio – the Moïtel. The introduction articulates the practice’s history and ideas, but from then on, it is almost a purely visual exercise. The stunning images are divided into sections that explore specific facets of Atelier Oï’s work, such as Craftsmanship and Experiment. Snippets of text link the images to the ideas, creating a comprehensive overview of this modern studio.

Renate Menzi, AVedition, 2012, pp 224, rrp $85.00

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