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Chandon Australia by Foolscap Studio.

Chandon Australia by Foolscap Studio. Image: Tom Blachford

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” said Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard. But for creatives, whose job it is to generate new ideas daily, this isn’t always straightforward.

This session of Artichoke Night School will ask four creatives about their personal approach to their creative process and problem solving, as well as the good (and bad) habits that make up their day-to-day routine.

Artichoke Night School is presented by Artichoke magazine, with presenting partner Space. It is part of Design Speaks, an Architecture Media program.

The speakers are:

Adele Winteridge

Founder, Foolscap Studio

Adele Winteridge is founder of interdisciplinary design practice Foolscap Studio. Through Foolscap, Adele and her diverse team create interior architecture and related cultural experiences that positively contribute to precincts and cities. Her work spans boutique and major projects in the commercial, hospitality, residential and public domain sectors.

Toby Scott

Photographer, Toby Scott

Photographer Toby Scott has an affection for the spaces where we live and work. With an interest in how we occupy and move through these buildings, Toby documents spaces for interior and architectural practices, agencies, publications and people who love the built environment.

Emma James and David Twohill

Founders, Twohill and James

Twohill and James’ work in residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional architecture has spurred an approach that is defined not by typology or scale but by inventive process, materializing as a collection of tangible experiences. The practice works collaboratively with the express purpose of testing multiple ways to resolve the complexities of architecture.

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